Richards dandy on way to high sereies

Jan. 16, 2013 at 10:02 p.m.
Updated Jan. 15, 2013 at 7:16 p.m.

Herschel (Dandy) Richards was just dandy on his way to the weekly high series honors this week, while competing in the Red River League.

With only one open frame in the three games set, Richards rolled games of 238, 244, and 227 for a 709 total.

It was also dandy that he was on our team and we won.

Mark Svatek posted the second high score with a 248 high game contributing towards a 706 series.

Mike Stacy also enjoyed a good week on the lanes with sets of 262-702, 692, and 669 in three different leagues.

Other nice scores for the men were Scott Snow (695), Jacob Silgero (258-693), Gary Hatter Sr. (264-690), Rick Kalmus (249-689/277-681), Mike Osterson (683), Larry Hall (675), Craig Hoff (255-674), Abraham Flores (269-672/257), Chris Kurtz (670), Kevin Rosales (664), Larry Mikulec (663), Steve Zeplin (659), Robert Gonzales (254-653), Abel Garcia (653), Joey Matson (650), Keyy Schupbach (276), Tony Bennett (267), Victor Thomas (263), Eddie Gonzales (256), John Figueroa (256), and Sterling Kocian (256).

Carri Lee had the high score for the women with a very nice 615 series posted during Sugar & Spice competition. She rolled games of 192, 201, and 222 for total.

Bailey Koebrick edged out Sharon Guinn for the second high series. Koebrick rolled a 609 with a 226 high game and Guinn posted a 234 high game and 608 total.

Judy Reyna also broke the 600 mark with a 232-601.

Other nice scores for the ladies were Morgan Matula (591), Nicole Mergele (589), and Christine Speer (585).

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week were Jacob Silgero 750 (Sundowners) and Janice Bailey 719 (Captain's).

The entry forms for the women's annual city tournament are available at local bowling centers. The entry deadline is Feb. 8, at midnight, and will be scheduled for one weekend only.

This year the tournament will be competed in only one division and the team event will be comprised of 4 members.

The changes have been made due to the lack of entries in recent years.

Parker Bohn III captured his second major PBA title last Sunday by defeating Jason Belmonte 254-227 to win the 2013 PBA World Championship.

Parker had to battle his way from the last qualifying spot to reach the finals as the 5th seed. His victories included wins over Dan MacLelland 226-218, Rhino Page 200-170, and Sean Rash 278-231 before reaching the finals.

Next week ESPN will feature Round 1 of the Japan Cup with a later starting time of 2 p.m. local time.

It is with sorrow that I note of another Victoria Senior bowlers having passed away.

William (Billy) Klacman died last week after a long battle with cancer.

Having known Billy for many years, first as a co-worker at DuPont and then several years after retirement on the bowling lanes, I found him to always have a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

He fought to the end with a tenacity that allowed him to enjoy bowling and his friends as long as he could. Although not a high average bowler, he was competitive enough to be on five VUSBC Open City Tournament winning teams. His last one was during last year's tournament.

My condolence and sympathy go out to his wife Winona, sons Matt and Craig and the rest of the family.

WOODLAWN DUO 1ST WOODLAWN Men: M. Smith 224-565; A. Buzzell 493; FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: K. Rosales 226-664; M. Osterson 229-645; G. Verduzco 634; P. Trevino 231-573; T. Campbell 563; E. Smith 559; TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST SPARE ME Women: L. Edmondson 517; OVER THE HILL 1ST HAS BEENS! Men: A. Garcia 235-600; S. Jones 553; M. Mathieu 535; J. Figueroa 212-535; M. Almendarez 534; D. Persilver 518; RED RIVER 1ST (tie) MFP and RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: D. Richards 244-709; M. Stacy 262-702; R. Kalmus 277-681; A. Garcia 232-653; J. Matson 236-650; M. Osterson 237-640; S. Zeplin 248-640; W. Lorance 226-632; J. Tweedle 631; K. Schupbach 276-628; T.J. Mooney 628; T. Bennett 267-625; W. Parker 613; A. Flores 257-605; J. Figueroa 256-601; J. Wittenburg 589; T. Pfuhl 588; G. Mason 584; M. Wortham 232-578; C. Hoff 578; D. Erdelt 566; D. Flores 564; J.P. Reyna 559; G. Gant 551; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: C. Speer 564; Men: S. Kocian 256-624; S. Dickinson 229-613; D. dye 613; K. Bryan 612; C. Flores 235-600; R. Bassano 593; D. Padgett 587; B.J. Rubio 581; J. Rodriguez 577; M. Redding 563; M. Lane 557; H. Bellanger Jr. 555; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST HERE 4 THE BEER Women: C. Lee 222-615; B. Koebrick 226-609; J. Reyna 232-601; C. Speer 217-585; O. Jackson 544; T. Wortham 531; S. Guinn 523; D. Marek 514; Men: M. Svatek 248-706; M. Stacy 243-692; L. Hall 247-676; C.Kurtz 670; L. Mikulec 228-663; S. Zeplin 233-659; R. Gonzales 254-653; C. Aiken 242-634; J. Cano 633; T.J. Mooney 228-623; J. Silgero 622; J. Tweedle 613; J. Martinez 612; M. Hernandez 610; J. Wittenburg 610; R. Bassano 236-593; R. Marek 226-592; A. Flores 581; M. Wortham 571; W. Lorance 568; B. Jackson 562; M. Osterson 561; R. Nickel 232-552; H. Johnson 551; J. Olguin 235; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Bailey 207-539; C. Goode 228; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Men: R. Vidaurri 228-588; J. Pena 585; J. Cavaqzos 583; S. Chavez 568; J. Molina 554; J. Rhymer 550; R. Marek 241; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (3 way tie) SOFA BED KING, FULL HOUSE, AND S SLINGERS Women: S. Guinn 234-608; M. Matula 591; N. Mergele 208-589; J. Sims 211-579; O. Jackson 223-568; L. Heil 221-554; S. Wharton 215-553; C. Browning 214-542; P. Robles 537; C. Danesi 221-526; Men: J. Silgero 258-693; G. Hatter Sr. 264-690; R. Kalmus 249-689; M. Osterson 244-683; C. Hoff 255-674; A. Flores 268-672; M. Stacy 231-669; S. Dickinson 225-649; G. Hatter Jr. 235-645; J. Glass 636; E. Gonzales 256-631; D. Matthews 233-627; D. Garcia 246-624; A. Suarez 622; B. Korczynski 621; R. Rodriguez 227-621; D. Knowlan 234-615; D. Marques 615; J. Hernandez Sr. 231-615; D. Reissig 609; V. Thomas 241-600; R. Brotze 600; D. Hayward 596; T. Arnold 594; G. Pitts 233-591; B. Marques 588; D. Mergele 588; R. Rendon 585; T. Dollins 225-578; J. Blount 571; E. Stevens Sr. 567; J. Godina 567; B. Hammack 225-565; N. DelaGarza 561; J. blaylock 555; M. Koehne 554; R. Vasquez 553; P. Smith 551; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: M. Bonuz 525; L. Popp 521; G. Blake 511; D. Gabrysch 511; Men: S. Snow 234-695; R. Gabrysch 244-643; T.J. Mooney 238-642; S. Dickinson 235-630; B. Kitchens 629; C. Bigham 244-628; V. Thomas 263-617; J. silgero 616; M. Conchola 235-613; R. Morris 602; K. Bryan 600; E. Gonzales 590; K. blake 236-579; F. Suniga 576; J. Longoria 559; B. Rodriguez 557; D. Matthews 556; J. Flores 255-551; N. DeLaGarza 550.



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