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BOWLING:Thomas thumps pins to garner high series

Jan. 23, 2013 at 10:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 22, 2013 at 7:23 p.m.

Victor Thomas had his strike ball working during last week's Sundowner League action to earn the weekly high series honors.

Thomas started the first game of competition with a great 277 game and then followed with games of 203 and 237.

In spite of four open frames during the last two games, he rolled enough strikes to finish with a 717 series.

Brian Hyden rolled three clean games on his way to a 713 set, which was second high for the week.

Mike Stacy enjoyed another good week on the lanes with great sets of 254-706 and 257-702 in two leagues.

Also breaking the 700 mark was Gary Hatter Sr., with three consistent games for a 704 total.

Other noteworthy scores for the men were T.J. Mooney (287-696/650/650), Royal Marek (269-694), Chris Kurtz (253-676), Calvin Bigham (267-674), Kim Blake (672), Jordan Glass (267-670), Larry Mikulec (254-670), Richard Thompson (248-670), Mike Osterson (264-664), Korey Bryan (263-664), Robert Gonzales (661), Rene Silgero (658), Bill Jackson (650), Tony Guinn (266-648), Jacob Silgero (648), Don Marques (257), Joey Matson (257), Raymond Norman (256), Tony Bennett (256), and Steve Dickinson (250).

Christine Speer and Carri Lee had a tremendous battle for the women's top score this past week.

Speer was the high bowler in the Monday Mixed League with terrific scoring to edge out Lee for the top spot. Speer was on fire to roll games of 247, 193, and 244 for an excellent 684 total. .

Lee was competing in the Sugar & Spice when she posted games of 224, 202, and 257 for her big 683 set.

Lynda Mikulec posted the third high total with a 231 high game and 635 series.

Morgan Matula and Chris Guerra also broke the 600 mark with sets of 238-614 and 221-602 respectively.

Bailey Koebrick bowled a nice 582 total and Sharon Guinn posted two individual games of 244 and 237 in two leagues.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Royal Marek 757 and Carri Lee 734, both from the Sugar & Spice League.

The Victoria USBC Women's city Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of Feb. 16 and 17.

Due to poor participation during the last couple of years this year's tournament will be competed in one division with a 90 percent handicap.

It is disappointing that with the many women bowlers that compete in league play, city tournament play has dropped off so much.

The entry deadline for the tournament is Feb. 8 at midnight, so get a team together (four people per team) and sign up to bowl.

The entry deadline for the 81st Annual Texas State USBC Open Tournament, being held in San Antonio, is Feb. 15. Victoria bowlers have had success in the state tournaments, so get your teams together and sign up.

The Women's State Tournament is being held in the Houston Area and the entry deadline for that tournament is March 15.


Mika Koivuniemi won the Japan Cup last Sunday by defeating Japan's Yoshihiro Kaji in the finals by a score of 268 to 164.

Next weeks' televised event will be round 1 of the PBA League All Stars. The league is composed of 8 teams with a roster of PBA bowlers. The starting time will be at 11 a.m. on ESPN.

WOODLAWN DUO 1st WOODLAWN Men: D. Persilver 590; S. Gritta 550; FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST LIL MONSTERS Women: A. Moore 529; S. Garrett 510; Men: R. Gonzales 245-661; G. Verduzco 240-636; J. Silgero 620; C. Bigham 607; K. Rosales 245-599; T. Campbell 548; OVER THE HILL 1ST HAS BEENS! Women: C. Sturm 489; Men: J. Figueroa 605; A. Scheffer 581; S. Gritta 575; J. Simmons 542; A. Garcia 530; M. Mathieu 524; A. Hempel 522; MONDAY MIXED Women: C. Speer 247-684; D. Bues 528; Men: J. Silgero 245-648; K. Bryan 236-639; S. Snow 622; D. Loya 610; C. Flores 603; S. Dickinson 580; T. Wash 242-568; M. Redding 567; J. Mayer 553; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: M. Stacy 257-702; R. Thompson 248-670; T. Pfuhl 237-670; T.J. Mooney 235-650; T. Crowe 648; K. Schupbach 645; T. Bennett 236-644; M. Wortham 245-638; J. Matson 257-627; R. Kalmus 234-625; M. Pahmiyer 617; J. Molina 606; S. Zeplin 597; A. Garcia 239-593; L. Stroud 589; J. Figueroa 231-588; J. Tweedle 583; C. Hoff 581; J. Guerra 568; J. Wittenburg 566; W. Parker 564; D. Matthews 562; A. Suarez 562; J. Rodriguez 559; R. Gonzales 555; R. Martinez 555; D. Flores 555; SUGAR & SPICE Women: C. Lee 257-683; L. Mikulec 231-635; B. Koebrick 226-582; S. Guinn 237-570; L. Cooper 209-562; R. Martinez 219-552; T. Wortham 546; C. Speer 521; Men: B. Hyden 256-713; T.J. Mooney 287-696; R. Marek 269-694; C. Kurtz 253-676; L. Mikulec 254-670; M. Osterson 264-664; B. Jackson 235-650; S. Zeplin 231-648; B. Hilbig 225-624; P. Smith 617; M. Stacy 235-613; T. Bennett 256-597; R. Estrada 224-595; A. Flores 591; R. Gonzales 587; D. Richards 587; J. Tweedle 586; S. Schmidt 586; J. Olguin 585; R. Nickel 570; L. Stroud 236-568; M. Svatek 567; C. Martinka 233-561; J. Martinez 554; D. Flores 551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Lanbrecht 201-513; SUNDOWNEERS 1ST SOFA BED KING Women: M. Matula 238-614; C. Guerra 221-602; L. Heil 573; P. Robles 568; S. Guinn 244-554; K. Lovel 519; Men: V. Thomas 277-717; M. Stacy 254-706; G. Hatter Sr. 242-704; J. Glass 267-670; T. Guinn 266-648; D. Marques 257-644; D. Knowlan 227-635; C. Bigham 227-635; R. Kalmus 237-633; M. Osterson 248-632; D. Dye 232-632; B. Hammack 632; D. Reissig 617; G. Mason 614; R. Rendon 226-610; M. Hernandez 597; R. Morris 234-596; J. Smith 595; A. Hempel 594; S. Miller 592; D. Hayward 588; J. Hernandez Sr. 225-587; D. Mergele 585; A. Flores 235-578; S. Dickinson 250-577; R. Madrigal 575; G. Pitts 575; T. Bennett 572; J. Godina 231-565; C. Martinka 564; C. Hoff 560; J. Silgero 557; J. Blaylock 552; H. Reissig 550; DOW MIXED 1ST (tie) ALLEY CATS and BANDIDOS Women: E. Fuhrman 523; Men: J. Bryant 593; L. Fuhrman 566; J. Rhymer 555; F. Nunez 549; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: M. Bonuz 550; Men: C. Bigham 267-674; K. Blake 238-672; K. Bryan 263-664; R. silgero 235-658; T.J. Mooney 245-650; S. Dickinson 235-613; M. Conchola 605; J. Longoria 232-589; V. Thomas 225-584; C. Aiken 225-581; D. Loya 577; R. Gabrysch 571; J. Flores 556; J. Silgero 554;



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