Participants prepare for Queen Victoria Pageant

Jan. 23, 2013 at 7:01 p.m.
Updated Jan. 23, 2013 at 7:24 p.m.

16 x 9 Queen Victoria

16 x 9 Queen Victoria

Even though she has entered pageants for the past seven years, Jenna Blair Lynch, 17, still gets jitterbugs when she's on stage.

"Nobody really knows that even though we make it look easy, it's really nerve wracking being up there talking," Jenna said. "The hardest part is the on-stage questions, because you don't really know what they're going to ask."

The Victoria East High School senior will join 27 other Victoria County residents in the 2013 Queen Victoria Pageant show on Saturday.

The pageant, a fundraising program held in conjunction with the Victoria Livestock Show, celebrates its 50th anniversary on Saturday.

"We go out and do community service work throughout the year," said pageant director Leesa Brown. "After the pageant, we go to other area parades to promote the stock show."

Entry fee is $200 for the girls and $100 for the boys.

"It teaches them public speaking skills, teamwork and enhances their self-confidence," said Brown. "Some of the girls have grown up in the program."

Jenna, who started competing in the Western-themed competition, entered her first contest when she was 10 years old.

In 2010, she took home the Junior Queen Victoria crown.

"People say that I should be used to everything by now," Jenna said. "But being on stage is still the hardest part of all."


Lauren Lynn Bowen, 6

School: Industrial Elementary

Parents: Tiffany and Warren Bowen

Alexa Grace Chavana, 5


Parents: Monica and Mario Chavana


Javon N. Burmeister, 6

School:Schorlemmer Elementary

Parents: Tammi and Jason Burmeister

Jayk Abram Garcia, 5

School:Torres Elementary

Parents: Sylvia Salazar and John Cruz Garcia

Brennen Trace Gray, 5

School: Mission Valley Elementary

Parents: Courtney Haschke and Marc Gray

Garrett James Kolodziejczyk, 4

School: Methodist Day

Parents: Shanda and Jeff Kolodziejcyk


Eve Elizabeth Brogger, 7

School:Our Lady of Victory

Parents: Ann and David Brogger

Ryleigh LeeAnn Brooks, 6

School: DeLeon Elementary

Parents: Christina and David Brooks

Macie Claire Kolodziejczyk, 7

School: Industrial Elementary

Parents: Shanda and Jeff Kolodziejcyk

Carlie Nicole Parsons, 7

School:Meyersville Elementary

Parents: Jackie and Mike Parsons


Kooper Calhoun Wilkerson, 7

School: Vickers Elementary

Parents: Krista and Abe Wilkerson


Jillian Nicole Brooks, 11

School: Howell Middle School

Parents: Christina and David Brooks

Jamara B. Burmeister, 11

School: Schorlemmer Elementary

Parents: Tammi and Jason Burmeister

Tori Paige Chapa, 11

School: Nazareth Academy

Parents: Christine Chapa

Bailey Hannah Cisneros, 12

School:Our Lady of Victory

Parents: Mary and Mark Cisneros

Kelsi R. Darilek, 10

School:Schorlemmer Elementary

Parents: Shiela and Kenny Darilek

Justine Destiny Garza, 10

School:O'Connor Elementary

Parents: Dora Saenz and Edward Garza

Melody Angeline Kloss, 10

School: Dudley Elementary

Parents: Talitha and Evan Kloss

Mackenzie Ann Sneath, 10

School:William Wood Elementary

Parents: Audrey Mozisek and Michael Sneath


Sabrina Magdalynn Broughton, 15

School:Victoria West High School

Parents: Lara and Gary Broughton

Jillian Paige Chapa, 14

School: Nazareth Academy

Parents: Nicky A. and Orlando Chapa

Katie Elizabeth Chapa, 14

School: St. Joseph High School

Parents: Christine Chapa

Mandy F. Crump, 14

School: Victoria East High School

Parents: Joy and Cliff Crump

Morgan Ashton Jedlicka, 14

School: East High School

Parents: Holly and Nathan Jedlicka


Madison Leigh Amador, 16

School:Victoria East High School

Parents: Monica and Mario Chavana

Jenna Blaire Lynch, 17

School:Victoria East High School

Parents: Sherry and Darryl Lynch

Abigail Leya Schneider, 16

School: St. Joseph High School

Parents: Katherine and John Schneider

McKenna Wren Zacek, 18

School:Industrial High School

Parents: Shana and John Zacek



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