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Jan. 24, 2013 at midnight
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Jan. 28 - Work on the Welder building is proceeding rapidly. A delay was caused Saturday by the rejection of the gravel. That was replaced by a superior article, and the work is now rushing rapidly. Crowds of sightseers stand around and watch the work. Building skyscrapers seems to be a matter of general curiosity here. After we erect several such buildings, it may cease to arouse so much curiosity.

Feb. 1 - The geniuses of the Twentieth Century have for some time been perfecting conveniences for country living. The telephone, the automobile, the phonograph, parcel post, free delivery of mails, etc. All contribute to make life in the country both pleasant and convenient. The dream of living in the country, surrounded by all these modern conveniences, is as yet an unrealized dream to millions of our people who live in crowded cities, where they cannot get sufficient pure air to breathe.


Jan. 29 - Postmaster Leopold Morris Saturday was advised by the Post Office Department of the approval of his recommendation for six extensions of the city free mail delivery service, embracing approximately 250 homes. The extended service will begin on February 16 and include only places where proper house numbers and receptacles have been erected.

Feb. 2 - The resignation of J.D. Sneigr as city secretary, a post which he held the past 20 years, was announced today by Mayor Ben T. Jordan upon acceptance of Mr. Sneigr's resignation by the City Council. J.P. Daly, son-in-law and assistant to Mr. Sneigr, was appointed as city secretary to fill out the unexpired term.


Jan. 27 - Cub Scout Pack 361 held an awards meeting recently at Smith School. Receiving one-year pins were Randy Ivy Jones, Glenn Chamberlain, Bill Hoover, Steven Jones and Larry Smith. Two-year pins were given to Charlie Barker, Jimmy Kuehl, Mike Wharton and Gary Mueller. Wolf badges were given to David Carnes, Gregory Goetz, Jimmy Youngblood, Ricky Zeplin, John R. Powell and Ricky Slaughter. Silver arrow points were presented to Steve Byars and Danny Golden. Gold arrow points were awarded Byron Smith, Jerry Stephens and Edwin Fulkerson Jr.

Jan. 30 - December sales of U.S. Savings Bonds in Victoria County were reported yesterday at $35,853, but still leaving the county far short of the year's goal of $820,000. County Chairman Harry Maddin said the 1962 sales represented only 53.9 percent of the quota and left Victoria in seventh place among eight counties in the area.


Jan. 31 - Kemper Williams graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1924, again in 1948 and once more in 1977.

He doesn't have a special love of algebra or cafeteria food. "He" is actually three, as in Kemper Williams Sr., Jr. and III.

All three attended the privately-owned Catholic school, which celebrates 120 years of existence and 50 years at Red River and DeLeon Streets in Victoria during Catholic School Week Feb. 1-7. The school was founded in 1868 at the current site of the post office in downtown Victoria.

Williams Sr., 82, was converted to Catholicism by his "godfather," a brother who taught at the school, and credits the school with keeping the Williams family in the church.

His favorite memory is the speech he gave during graduation ceremonies at Hauschild's Opera House for the 10-member class.

"It kept my godfather there another five years," Williams Sr., a 50-year veteran of the insurance business, said. "I told everybody how smart he was to convert me, because I was about to be a wild Indian."

When the school moved from downtown Victoria to its current site in 1938, Williams Sr. moved his family as well.

"We had to walk to school every day - a half a block," Williams Jr., 56, a local attorney, said.

Williams Sr. met his wife of 57 years at a hayride held with Nazareth Academy, a nearby, then all-girls school.

"My wife's date was very talented," he said. "He played the guitar. He played the 'Sheik of Araby.' My date turned out to be a nun (in later life)."

Williams Jr. had to wait until his college days at St. Mary's University in San Antonio to meet his bride. The school is run by the same Brothers of Mary who taught classes at St. Joseph until the early 1970s.

Williams III, 28, updated his grandfather's tradition by marrying his high school sweetheart, Stephanne. The two were members of only the second co-ed graduating class at St. Joseph.

Williams III, also a local attorney, said his second favorite memory of St. Joseph - next to meeting his wife - is quarterbacking the football team to a state TCIL title in 1976.

Things were a bit different in Williams Sr.'s days. He played right tackle on a team that, at its peak, boasted 15 players.



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