Ask Chuck: Now I have had the flu, what do I do?

By Charles Colson
Jan. 24, 2013 at midnight
Updated Jan. 23, 2013 at 7:24 p.m.

Since you massage therapists studied anatomy to a full extent, do you have any good advice for us who have had the flu or trying to keep from it?

Excellent question. I personally have just recovered from the flu myself, and I know for sure now, what it means when they say you've got to get better to die. It sure is a perfect time to talk to the Lord about the future.

During the illness, I made use of the proper practice of breathing that we have been taught, which definitely eases the pain and trauma. At least at the beginning and end of each day, if you would just lie down and breathe in as deep as you can with your mouth closed and exhale out slowly, you will make it possible that pure oxygenated air will come into your lungs. Do this for at least 10 breaths and relax. This method is so healthy and helpful to all organs of the body. It also relaxes sinus headaches and chest congestion. Then, of course, drink lots of liquids, water preferably.

I teach this method during massages, and it was interesting one time when I asked a gentleman how he felt after his massage. His reply was simply, "Thanks for the great massage, but I don't think I have ever breathed that much in my life." I thought how sad this actually is if we can't breathe enough to expand our lungs and allow pure oxygen to do its work. Try it out, and I bet you will be amazed at how even a normal day will go.

I don't know if I just dreamed this, but I know it sounds almost ridiculous when I once heard that our feet can be like thermostats for our bodies. Is this absurd?

By no means not. Have you ever tried to wear socks to bed and possibly woke up feeling quite warm? And likewise feeling warm under the covers and tried just putting one foot out and your body seems to feel neutralized and comfortable?

Well if so, you didn't imagine anything strange was happening. Our hands and feet are the furthest appendages from our bodies but are so very important for comfort contact from the energy feels around us. They have a perfect purpose and act as tranquilizers and thermostats to keep our bodies in the right temperatures necessary for comfort.

Confused yet? Just ask a diabetic, and they will teach us much about how important it is to maintain proper temperatures. You are the most vital thing for your body, so please think healthy and stay ahead of the game.

After my horrible experience with the flu, I am trying to recover as quickly as possible. Will massage therapy help me bring my energy level back to normal?

Most definitely. I have mentioned several times how massage therapy has a great impact on our energy flow, simply because it plays such an important role in proper blood flow. Massages release many poisons and toxins that our bodies have built up, especially from recovering from an illness. This is why a therapist will advise you to drink lots of water after a massage in order to clear out your system.

Massages allow for a perfect energy source since the techniques are so vital to toning and building muscle strength. These are proven facts from the infant stage to more than 100 years old. I personally know of a lady who found herself in a nursing home near the age of 90 and did have a great friend who massaged her legs and feet daily.

Later, the friend became ill and couldn't continue with her friend's therapy. After receiving no further attention to her legs and feet, the lady lost them both before she died. So tell me, how important is proper blood flow to all of our organs?

Let's make it a habit to listen to our bodies and get all the help we deserve for a healthy life.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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