Democrats follow double standard on leaks

July 2, 2013 at 2:02 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I find 21st-century Democrats to be a sanctimonious lot who are quick to claim government under their messiah is the most open and transparent in U.S. history as they quickly condemn Edward Snowden's actions for releasing state secrets about National Security Administration underlings eavesdropping on Americans' emails and phone calls because now that they wear the shoes of power, this administration's leader wants the whistle-blower arrested, tried in the mainstream media and lynched from the nearest tree.

When it comes to protecting their following from scrutiny, one only needs to look back to the years preceding the change of the millennium to see how far donkey party politicians would go to protect treasonous acts when the individual is one of their own.

The latest person to escape prosecution for crimes against national sovereignty is Sandy Berger, who took declassified papers out of the National Archives in his underwear and socks, which shined unfavorable light on the Clintons - particularly Hillary and her shady dealings with the Rose Law firm in Arkansas, miraculous reappearance of travel records in the White House and her association with the attorney who was suspiciously claimed to have committed suicide in the park across the street from first family's living quarters.

For those of us who remember the informant Daniel Ellsberg, the Defense Department employee who over a lengthy period stole thousands of pages of classified documents from the Pentagon relating to secret operations during the Vietnam war, which later became published as "The Pentagon Papers," the left-leaning national media and his friends in the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate building fought wholesale to prevent him from being prosecuted by the Nixon administration for what then was the most serious threat to national security.

When reviewing the actions of past and present, Snowden's disclosures pale in comparison to those of Ellsberg, but what is more striking is how big of a flip flop Democrats made in protecting whistle-blowers, bowing to their anointed one's demands that Edward Snowden face the same kind of justice characterized when a salsa commercial spokesman said, "Get a rope!"

Mack Simons, Wharton



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