Hatter Jr. grabs weekly high score

July 3, 2013 at 2:03 a.m.

Gary Hatter Jr. delivered the high score for the week with a very nice 253 individual game helping his cause in the Summer Sunday Strikers League.

Hatter Jr. was able to nab a 667 series in his three games and ease by Steve Zeplin for the weekly high set.

Zeplin smashed his way to individual games of 215, 230, and 210 for a 655 total in Rolling Thunder League competition.

Kevin Rosales with a 247-650 and Jesse Longoria with a 256 individual game were also high scorers.

Olivia Jackson led the women with two good games of 221 and 216 contributing towards a 574 total in Rolling Thunder play.

Other nice scores were by Sharold Garrett 213-570, Joanna McNary 211-564, and Judy Reyna 561.

The final results and prize list have been posted in the annual Texas State USBC Open, which was held in San Antonio.

In Division I, which was a scratch division (no handicap) for bowlers with a 220 average or above, local bowler Michael Stacy placed 14th in the singles event with a series of 738. He also placed 8th in all events with a great 2,159 total.

Winning scores in Divisions II through V were based on a handicap of 90 percent of 220.

In Division II, local bowlers Scott Snow and Tom Crowe teamed up to place 15th in the doubles event with a score of 1,410.

In the singles event, Michael Milder (Bay City-El Campo Association) rolled a 692 set to win 100th place money.

In Division III, Scott Snow won 4th place money, with an all events score of 2,243. He also placed in the singles event with a set of 729

Port Lavaca bowler, Daniel Harborth placed 7th in the singles event with a score of 774.

Also placing in the prize list were Michale Pelech (Bay City-El Campo) with a 706 in singles and Victorian Jerry Molina with a 693 set.

In Division IV, Patrick Chrisco and Daniel Harborth placed 7th in the doubles event with a score of 1,451. Chrisco also won money in the singles event with a set of 723 and all events with a nine game total of 2,193.

In Division V, Victoria's Jacob Silgero won 4th place money with a 793 set. He also placed in all events with a score of 2,101.

The only area team to place in the team event was Port Lavaca's "Beau's Wild Card," who tied for second place with a team total of 3,548. Team members are Xavier Duenez, Irene Duenez, Shelia Findley, Jerry Findley, and Cynthia Gerner.

Congratulations to all the winners. As for the rest of us, better luck next year in the Port Arthur-Beaumont area.

Next week, I will publish area winners in the women's state tournament.

The 36th Annual Victoria Latin Bowlers Club Tournament will be held July 13-14 at the Century Lanes. With 64 men's teams and 32 women's teams competing for prestige and money.

With the many out of town bowlers visiting our city, make sure you greet them with a friendly Victoria hello.

PBA Tour

The Lucas Oil PBA Milwaukee Open that was televised last Tuesday night displayed some very competitive and exciting matches. Chris Barnes, being the tournament top seed, chose the Badger oil patteren, which was 52 feet in length.

In the first match, fourth seed Mike Fagan defeated Jason Sterner 198-182. Norm Duke, the No. 3 seed, defeated Fagan 238-194. The third match featured two of PBA's best known bowlers, Duke and Pete Weber. Both are in the PBA Hall of Fame and are tied with 37 PBA titles each in their resume.

The match went to the final frame with Weber needing to strike out to force Duke to double in the 10th. Weber left the nine pin on a solid hit in the second ball, allowing Duke to just spare in the 10th frame for a 225-217 victory.

In the championship match, it was a close battle with bowlers changing leads several times. Barnes tripped the 4-pin in the ninth frame and then added two strikes and nine in the 10th to end with a 246 game.

Already having a strike in the ninth frame, Duke needed to match Barnes's 10th frame count for the victory. Duke struck in the first ball but left a flat 10-pin on his second ball to finish with a 237 game and a loss.

Next Tuesday will be the last televised match of the GEICO PBA Summer Swing featuring the winner of the four previous summer swing opens and the summer swing points leader. CBS Sports Network will broadcast the show at 6:00 p.m.

Local Results

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: G. Hatter Jr. 253-667; K. Rosales 247-650; J. Holbert 225-592; J. silgero 245-590; M. Osterson 580; J. Walker 575; M. Michalec 229-575; C. Bigham 563; T. Campbell 556; J. Cass 556; T. Rutherford 551; A. Perez 547; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST (tie) DAMN THAT TEN and TEAM 8 Women: O. Jackson 221-574; S. Garrett 213-570; J. McNary211-564; J. Reyna 561; S. Wharton 536; Men: S. Zeplin 230-655; J. Longoria 256-626; E. Fingers 225-615; G. Hatter Jr. 231-591; M. Rodriguez 244-588; C. Flores 577; B. Marques 570; J. Silgero 566; R. Martinez 230-564; S. Miller 564; M. Michalec 558; W. Reyna 556; C. Hoff 224-555; B. Jackson 554; M. Osterson 552; D. dye 549; C. Schmidt 231; B. Korczynski 228;

FUNTAPPERS 1ST PIN ACTION Women: B. Koebrick 255-709; B. Long 248-602; Men: R. Kalmus 300-784; R. Cooper 256-761; J. Weber 256-706; J. Cano 235-655;

SUMMER YOUTH Girls: S. Wharton 129-360; Boys: J. Wharton 165-461; O. O'Brien 91-225; PEE WEE (Bumpers) Boys: E. Dunn 118-195 P. Koliba 50-99.



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