Column on gay marriage has wrong viewpoint

July 4, 2013 at 2:04 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

On June 29, I read Miss Preyss' column concerning gay marriage and the Church. And I would respectfully like to offer this rebuttal.

First, her statement that gay marriage doesn't hurt the Church: The fact is that, yes, it would and does, for homosexuality is, in Bible terms, sin. It even goes against the laws of nature, and if there's anything that will hurt the church, it's sin. Sin only begets sin. Sin robs us of our joy, peace and power.

So, yes, if the Church endorses or ignores gay marriage, it will be detrimental to the Church.

Second, she makes the statement "the gay marriage debate isn't about sin or morality." This may be the viewpoint of secular humanists - who teach that there are no moral absolutes - but it should never be the position of the Church. I do believe we are to love others, even the homosexual. Jesus said we (the Church) would be known by our love. But for the Church to take a watered-down position and not speak out against such behavior is to dishonor the Word of God and the mandate that Jesus left with the Church to go and preach the Gospel of repentance, love, grace, mercy, etc.

Jeremiah mourned and lamented the moral and spiritual state of ancient Israel and spoke out against it in every sector from government to the religious priest to the peasant farmer for two reasons:

1. His deep love for his country and people.

2. He saw and understood the detrimental impact on the nation's social economic and political systems if the moral decay were allowed to continue unchecked.

But know assuredly that should we as a nation continue to spurn the Word of God, judgment will come. Let's not forget about the region of Sodom and Gommorah.

Minister Patrick Overton, Port O'Connor



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