Fashion tips with Haili Z: How to get 'Bling Ring' fashion

By Haili Z
July 4, 2013 at 2:04 a.m.

'The Bling Ring' fashion is something to talk about.

'The Bling Ring' fashion is something to talk about.

Director Sofia Coppola has released a new movie that I have been talking, tweeting and Instagramming about for months. After the release of one of my favorite movies, "Marie Antoinette," starring Kirsten Dunst, I never thought I'd be just as excited for another one of her releases.

Coppola's newest movie, "The Bling Ring," is based on a group of Hollywood teens who are fame obsessed and will do anything to get into the homes of celebrities.

The fashion is also something to talk about in this movie, as costume designer Stacey Battat focuses on the true style of Los Angeles - Juicy Couture sweats, Ugg boots and a style that is the epitome of an all-American teen.

The movie poster with the five teens of "The Bling Ring" show the girls in designer apparel that all teens vie for, but the posh style conveys a life of luxury "The Bling Ring" teens do not have.

But the cape worn by Katie Chang, who plays Rebecca in the movie, is a beautiful Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2010 cape, which is still on trend three years later.

Staple pieces

The fashion is structured and simple for the movie with one or two added on statement pieces and heels. Black leather, black leggings and white denim are used as staple pieces consistently throughout the movie - along with Juicy Couture track suits. But I think it best that we just stick to the classic black solids and white denim to rotate through our wardrobe.

Sunglass options

It's definitely all about the shades; oversized frames and aviators do the trick to rotate as accessories. Remember, the movie takes place in 2008 (the film is inspired by a true story) but opt for an updated pair of sunglasses as an everyday accessory. Round lenses and various frame shapes - cat eye and octagon, to name a couple, are popular at this moment.


Good layering pieces make it on "The Bling Ring," including the fabulous cape pictured on Rebecca (Katie Chang) on the movie poster, and, of course, fabulous leather jackets and layered jackets make it into scenes. These layering pieces are always best to have in your wardrobe.

Places to visit from "The Bling Ring" include Kitson. During my internship in Los Angeles, Kitson was a frequent stop, and during family vacations in Los Angeles Kitson was a favorite store of my sister and me, which is when I had the first time I had the opportunity to check the store out in 2004.

Kitson is the perfect example of Los Angeles fashion. In Houston, the best apparel to match the movie online and in store would be pieces from area boutique Annie Allbritton.

Fabulous layering pieces are in store and definitely on par with the fashion from "The Bling Ring." Steal the fashion tips from "The Bling Ring," which opened in theaters June 14.

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