Climate change scare is all about taking control

July 6, 2013 at 2:06 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The global warming supporters just won't give up. Fox News says the Earth has not warmed since 1997 and, in fact, has cooled slightly. They have an explanation for this, of course. They go into a long dissertation explaining why this has happened, but the bottom line of it is that the Earth has cooled because it's getting warmer. Brilliant, right? They have to keep pushing for legislation to halt the nonexistent global warming because their agenda is not really saving the planet at all. They want to use the climate to take further control of our lives. They will eventually tell us where to live, how many people may live in our house, what kind of car we must drive, how much electricity we may use, etc.

The same is true of Obamacare. They will use it to control almost everything we do, healthwise, to making us eat certain foods whether we want to or not, exercise whether we want to or not and so forth. If they truly wanted to give everyone in the country health care, they could have simply put everyone on Medicare, a system already in place. But Medicare doesn't have control built into it, so they had to write a 2,700-page law to force us all into their will.

These people are socialists and call themselves progressives when they are anything but. They claim to be doing all they do for our benefit, but it's really because of a lust for power. Only the elite benefit from socialism, as has been proven over and over again worldwide. God save me from people who think they know better than I how to conduct my affairs.

Howard O. Weise, Yorktown



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