Advocate Editorial Board opinion:

July 9, 2013 at 2:09 a.m.

Education is an important part of our society. Students today face a world that is increasingly demanding more and more training after high school, either through higher education or technical training. Knowing this, it is essential that teachers, parents and others find ways to inspire young people to continue their education. One man has chosen to lead by example.

Robert Jaklich, the superintendent of Victoria Independent School District, has earned his doctorate degree in education administration. This is an impressive feat that required hours of effort on top of his full-time work as the leader of a school district. We are impressed by his dedication and his decision to lead by example when it comes to continuing education.

Even his choice of dissertation topics shows Jaklich's passion for improving education for every child. It is titled "Pre-K Education as a Possible Solution to Lessen the Problem of Disproportionality," and we are already seeing some of the results of his research and education coming to VISD. Beginning this fall, the district will bring in a new early childhood curriculum known as DLM that focuses on building relationships and building confidence, according to Jaklich. In addition, the district is also planning to hold a Minnow Camp weeklong orientation for pre-kindergarten students and their parents before school begins in August.

We are excited to see the results of Jaklich's research coming to VISD. It is important to teach a child to appreciate and enjoy education early in life. By getting parents involved through the Minnow Camp, the district will also help create a good culture of learning and encouragment at home. We look forward to seeing these programs take place and hope they will bring a positive transformation to Victoria's schools and the community in years to come.

Jaklich's passion for education and encouragement is obvious. Whenever he speaks on the subject, his excitement comes bubbling to the surface and inspires others. We applaud him for his never-ending efforts to bring the best to VISD and its students.

Congratulations, Dr. Jaklich, for your accomplishments. We look forward to seeing you wearing your doctoral robes at the next VISD graduation ceremony.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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