City Pulse: Rescheduled Memorial Weekend Bash features Tejano musicians

JR Ortega By JR Ortega

July 10, 2013 at 2:10 a.m.

Siggno is one of several Tejano artists performing at the rescheduled Memorial Weekend Bash on Saturday and Sunday.

Siggno is one of several Tejano artists performing at the rescheduled Memorial Weekend Bash on Saturday and Sunday.

Growing up, my mother and father had an old, dusty, blue Monte Carlo that had a box of old Tejano cassettes.

Any trip, short or long, meant one of my parents would fumble around that box, looking for something to soothe their ears - La Mafia, Selena, Intocable and Mazz.

That's the music of my early childhood. It's been lost over time, but even today, I can play an old classic and sing almost the entire song, even though my Spanish skills still need work.

If you're a fan of Tejano music, then you may be happy to know the Memorial Weekend Bash that was rained out in May has been rescheduled for this weekend. The $5-a-day bash will include a carnival, vendors, food and music from a slew of Tejano artists, some Grammy-award winning.

Siggno, Bobby Pulido, Robert Pulido and Jimmy Gonzalez y Mazz are even scheduled for appearances.

These names bring back so many memories of that childhood. I even have a Tejano playlist I listen to from time to time just to get into that mood and reminisce.

I had the chance to relive those memories two weeks ago when my partner's family came up from the Rio Grande Valley to visit. We had an all-day excursion to Corpus Christi, which they've never visited.

We had plenty on tap: the Texas State Aquarium, a nice lunch, the beach and something maybe not a lot of people do - see Selena's memorial and gravesite.

I constantly tell people who are new to our area just how famous artists like Selena were, especially in South Texas. I had two of her albums growing up and would listen and sing along with them all the time.

Same went for my partner and his family. We all grew up listening to that kind of music. So off we went, jamming out to Selena's songs driving down Ocean Drive. I took them to the memorial, which his family enjoyed, and then we all hunted down her very beautiful, public gravesite.

We weren't the only ones there, either. We had our moment of silence, and it was then I realized that was the closest I would ever be to an artist I resonated with so well as a child.

She gave many youths in my time the idea that not all was lost with our culture. Spanish was not Selena's first language, and neither was mine growing up.

Selena and many other artists managed to embrace that culture and pay homage to their roots - and that will always be why there is a little piece of Tejano in me.

Make the time to head to Riverside this weekend for this bash. It sounds like good family fun, and there is always something to love about Tejano, no matter who you are or where you're from.



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