32 girls to compete for 44th Miss Victoria crown

Bianca Montes By Bianca Montes

July 10, 2013 at 2:10 a.m.
Updated July 11, 2013 at 2:11 a.m.



Thirty-two girls will compete Saturday in the Miss Victoria Pageant - seven are returning titleholders vying to once again take home the crown.

Pageant Sponsor Debbie Bennett Green said she's not surprised at the number of returning competitors because the pageant is about more than beauty - it's about the community, she said.

The Miss Victoria court participates in several service activities, such as the Autism Walk and the No Bullies Allowed campaign.

In addition to the activities, the crowned winners chose a platform to promote.

Former Little Miss, Taylor Bearden, 9, dedicated her 2011 platform to raising awareness against bullying, a struggle she dealt with in school.

One in four children are affected by bullying, according to the Stomp Out Bullying website, and every seven minutes a child is bullied.

Bearden raised almost $4,000 by reaching out to sponsors. The money raised went toward an anti-bullying awareness contest at Victoria schools.

Bearden returns to the competition this year to compete in the Young Miss division.

The pageant is divided by age into four categories - Little Miss, Young Miss, Junior Miss and Miss.

The contestants compete in a casual-wear and a formal-wear competition, as well as one-on-one interviews with the judges.

During the competition, the contestants will be judged on how they answer questions, personality, poise and modeling skills.

The 44th Miss Victoria will be crowned Saturday night.

Kelsey Kallman, 14, said she's been practicing for weeks and that her mother has been quizzing her.

"I'm even practicing my walk down the aisles at Wal-Mart," she said.

Kallman won Young Miss in 2007 and is competing for Junior Miss this year.

Girls from each category will move on to the final segment of the competition, where they'll meet with the judges again for more interviews.

Kallman said she is not worried about winning or losing the competition.

"Being on stage is fun for me," she said. "I'm just hoping to get close with the other girls and become friends because that's what you leave with."

Bennett Green said what is unique about the Miss Victoria pageant is that it does not continue on to state or national levels.

"We're just looking for a girl to represent Victoria."


  1. Scarlett Elsik, 16

• Parents: Tess Henry and Randy Elsik

• 11th at Victoria West High School

  1. Sabrina Renae Emiliano, 16

• Parents: Elsa and Roman Emiliano Jr.

• 11th at Industrial High School

  1. Emily Gooden, 17

• Parents: Melissa and Glen Gooden

• Sophomore at Victoria College

  1. Hunter Slusher, 17

• Parents: Karen and Jeff Slusher

• 11th at Victoria East High School

  1. Emilia Ureste, 17

• Parents: Eden Yaklin and Mark Ureste

• 12th at Victoria East High School


  1. McKynzie Bartee, 13

• Parents: Michelle Logan, Scott Bartee and Kevin Heil

• Eighth at Cade Middle School

  1. Cierra Borak, 15

• Parents: Wendy and Darrell Borak

• 10th at Industrial High School

  1. Jillian Brooks, 12

• Parents: Christina and David Brooks

• Seventh at Howell Middle School

  1. Elizabeth Caldwell, 14

• Parents: Maureen and Vic Caldwell

• Ninth at Victoria West High School

  1. Tara Cocoy, 12

• Parents: Janie and Dustin Carter

• Seventh at Bloomington Middle School

  1. Jenna Goslin, 14

• Parents: Cynthia and Chad Goslin

• Ninth at Industrial High School

  1. Mallory Hewitt, 12

• Parents: Mandie and Michael Hewitt

• Seventh at Howell Middle School

  1. Kelsey Kallman, 14

• Parents: Julie and Jeff Kallman

• Tenth at Victoria West High School

  1. Rebecca Smith, 13

• Parent: Talitha Kloss

•  Eighth at Howell Middle School

  1. Sarah McKenzie Talley, 12

• Parents: Kendra and Jason Talley

•  Seventh at Howell Middle School

  1. Kylee Janae Tipton, 12

• Parents: Belinda and Robert Romanowski and Robert Pereira Jr.

• Seventh at Howell Middle School

Young Miss

  1. Taylor Bearden, 9

• Parents: Jaclyn and Lee Bearden

• Fourth at Chandler Elementary School

  1. Soulel Relen Fair, 9

• Parents: Crystal Castro and Samair Fair

• Fourth at Chandler Elementary School

  1. Melody Kloss, 11

• Parents: Talitha and Evan Kloss

• Sixth at Howell Middle School

  1. Macie Kolodziejczyk, 7

• Parents: Shanda and Jeffery Kolodziejczyk

• Third at Industrial Elementary West

  1. Tristyn Lindsey, 7

• Parents: Robin and Curtis Lindsey

• Second at DeLeon Elementary School

Little Miss

  1. Alize Marie Betancourt, 4

• Parents: Jessica Stiers and Lionel Betancourt

• Prekindergarten at Torres Elementary School

  1. Olivia Cooper, 6

• Parents: Ashlee and Brandon Cooper

• First at Aloe Elementary School

  1. Corinne Flonnory, 6

• Parents: Naomi and Desmon Flonnory

•  First at Schorlemmer Elementary School

  1. Jolie Shae Lambert, 6

• Parents: Julie and Marc Gray

• Second at Vickers Elementary School

26. Violet Gabriella Matson, 4

• Parents: Valerie and Bo Matson

•  Prekindergarten at Crain Elementary School

27. Emma Meyer, 4

• Parents: Samantha Izard and Granvel Meyer Jr.

• Prekindergarten at Trinity Episcopal School

  1. Kamdyn Ann Morales, 5

• Parents: Deann and Kevin Morales

• Kindergarten at Northside Baptist School

  1. Averie Porras, 5

• Parents: Stefanie and Isaac Porras

• Kindergarten at DeLeon Elementary School

  1. Ainsley Rhea, 6

• Parents: Jennifer and Steven Rhea

• First at DeLeon Elementary School

31. Madalyn Rowlands, 5

• Parents: Kingslee Mitchell and Sarah and Daniel Rowlands

• First at Vickers Elementary School

  1. Ambree Vaclavik, 6

• Parents: Katherine and Joshua Vaclavik

• First at DeLeon Elementary School



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