Years ago for Sunday, Jul 14, 2013

July 11, 2013 at 2:11 a.m.


July 17 - The Park Garage has sold Ford touring cars to Eugene G. Schier, Ed Gaugler, the Stubblefield Land Company, D.B. Brown (Seadrift) and M.D. Cohn; a Chalmers touring car to C.S.E. Holland, and a Reo touring car to J.P. Barrington. The Victoria Motor Car Company has sold an Oldsmobile touring car to F.A. Welder. The Knowlan Machine Shops has sold a Mitchell touring car to J.E. Ryan and a Hupmobile to A.P. Hornburg.

July 19 - The Sedgwick family will continue to play at the Princess the remainder of this week. No better vaudeville artists have performed before a Victoria audience, and they are proving a great attraction.

July 20 - Not much interest is being taken here in today's state election. Less than 100 votes had been cast at the four boxes in the city by noon. As long as the people pay so little attention to their public affairs, they can expect to be governed accordingly.


July 14 - Henry Puckett and Albert York had charge of the program at today's Lions Club luncheon and presented a fine bill of entertainment. A song and dance by Jean Annette Schrader and a dance act by Elmer and Betty Jo Hilliard opened the program. Each was costumed for the dance number. Miss Margaret Lerner rendered two violin selections, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Rubin Frels.

July 15 - C.H. Jackson, the city directory man, informs us that 67 percent of the City of Victoria is now enumerated and shows a population of 8,796 and only 11 vacant houses, as compared to the population of 6,046 and 112 vacant houses in the 1936 census, also conducted by Mr. Jackson.


July 16 - Victoria High School's cheerleaders were named winners in large group competition at a cheerleading clinic held last week at Stephen F. Austin State College. The local group included Cathy Glass, Jane Henderson, Jan Newton, Nancy Ralls, LaJuana Sherman and Cathie Zirjacks.

July 18 - A Hawaiian theme prevailed at their annual dinner by Kiwanitas Monday at the Navarro Restaurant. Husbands of Kiwanitas were special guests. Each person was presented a lei as they entered. Hawaiian flowers, fruit and fern decorated the tables. Herman Grueneberg played music and selections from South Pacific on the organ. Reagan Cates, ex-lieutenant governor of Kiwanis Club, installed the officers. The present lieutenant governor for Kiwanis, Ed Angerstein, and his wife, were special guests. Officers installed were: president, Mrs. Thomas L. Davis; first vice-president, Mrs. C.C. McCleary; second vice-president, Mrs. Val Hotz; secretary, Mrs. Dean Truman; treasurer, Mrs. John Kennedy; and reporter, Mrs. Gordon Lightfoot.


July 14 - The December bid for the port price of milo hit $6 a hundredweight Wednesday, according to Dan Gillar, operator of the Wood Hi and Guadalupe grain elevators.

"Six dollars has been the magic number with farmers. They keep asking me when milo's going to hit six dollars," he said Wednesday.

Victoria County farmers are currently in the process of harvesting their grain sorghum.

The December bid for the port price of corn was $6.30 a hundredweight for corn.

Farmers who made a crop are enjoying the best prices they've seen since 1964, according to Gillar.

Considering that prior to '84 it was 1980 when grain prices were this high, there appears to be a four-year trend developing. A story that ran in The Advocate in 1976 said milo prices exceeded $5.

This is in contrast to the last couple of years when farmers said that without the government loan program there wouldn't be any way to continue farming. Last year, the price for milo at this time was around $2.65.

Milo is a localized crop being raised in Texas and a couple of neighboring states, so it isn't traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. But the price of milo directly follows the price of corn.

A USDA crop report released Tuesday showed that the amount of corn the USDA anticipated to be in storage at the end of the 1988 harvest season was down by about 2 billion bushels, according to Gillar.



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