Why do rules, laws not apply to government?

July 17, 2013 at 2:17 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

What a difference 30 years makes. Remember Watergate? President Richard Nixon was ostracized and "raked over the coals." Why? Because the Republicans wiretapped the Democratic Convention Center; being illegal, the public cried out for impeachment. Is it not still illegal? Or is anything and everything our government and people in power do exempt from all rules?

How is it that we can be listened to, wiretapped, have our emails read, face aerial surveillance (satellites and drones), and the majority thinks this is perfectly OK? Why is former NSA employee Snowden on the hit list? I can understand if he was giving away national security information to our enemies, as others have done in the past, but this is the American public that is being spied on. Our government has become "Big Brother," and we, the citizens, are to be kept in the dark.

As Walter Williams, a columnist for the Advocate, has cited in numerous columns, if our rights were taken away all at once, it would not happen. Take away our rights gradually, and no one notices. My grandchildren do not know the freedom that I had growing up; their children will know even less. Once our amendments have been rewritten or revised, we will no longer be the "greatest country in the world," and no other country will strive to be like us. Why? No freedom! No First (freedom of speech and religion) and Fourth Amendments (protection from search and seizure). All in the name of homeland security.

Simone Tipton, Victoria



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