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Trustees question, then approve continued use of CSCOPE

By Carolina Astrain
July 18, 2013 at 2:18 a.m.
Updated July 19, 2013 at 2:19 a.m.

Gifts and donations

The Victoria school district accepted the following donations and gifts:

• $1,500 - From the Victoria Chamber of Commerce to Victoria East High School for student needs

• $13,800 - From the Vickers Elementary Parent Teacher Organization to Vickers Elementary for instructional resources and incentives

• $500 - From H-E-B Plus! to Howell Middle School for five $100 gift cards

Source: VISD


• The board hired 31 new employees. Monica Jones, Cade Middle assistant principal, and Carlos Gonzalez, Victoria East High School band director, were among the new hires.

• Nine teachers were approved for resignation. Among them was Corderro Salazar, the Cade Middle School orchestra director.

Source: VISD

Although CSCOPE decided to pull its lesson plans this summer, several school districts will continue the use of the curriculum framework.

Victoria school district curriculum directors Susanne Carroll, Carol Tippins and Sherri Hathaway presented the school board with the $77,790.00 purchase of CSCOPE framework materials from the Region III Education Service Center at Thursday's monthly school board meeting.

Bernard Klimist, board vice president, and trustee Ross Mansker called the purchase into question.

"My thought on that was that we were going to move away from CSCOPE," Mansker said.

Hathaway, the associate director of secondary curriculum, said the district still wants to use the CSCOPE unit assessments as a tool that the teachers will be able to change to their classroom's needs.

"We take it and make it to meet our needs," said Hathaway. "It works for us; we don't work for it."

CSCOPE is moving some of its math curriculum from seventh grade to fourth grade this year.

"If a student is in seventh grade now and we don't put those transition pieces in there, that student may very well get to graduation and never have experienced those pieces that are going to another grade level," said Tippins, associate director of elementary education. "So that's (the CSCOPE framework) a huge benefit this year."

With the transition from a block schedule to a seven-period schedule coming this fall, Klimist said the district needs to take advantage of the changes to come to improve student learning.

Under CSCOPE, Klimist said it was easier for students to slack off and cheat on their exams by borrowing test answers from neighboring campuses.

"They got it from their friends at East or West. ... And they weren't learning anything," Klimist said. "They were just making the grades."

After about 17 minutes of discussion, trustees voted unanimously to purchase the CSCOPE framework materials from the Region III Education Center.

"With the new schedule and the new implementations that have gone in, this is your opportunity to make it right," Klimist said. "I'll support this solely on the basis that I have the faith in the administration and teachers of making it right."



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