Years ago for Sunday, Jul 21, 2013

July 18, 2013 at 2:18 a.m.


July 22- Victoria County's first bale of cotton, raised by Eugene Depine three miles west of the city, was sold this morning in the street for $70. It weighted 440 pounds. In a few days, the Advocate will publish a feature of the first bale and give a list of prizes, premiums, etc., that Depine received for it.

July 24 - A farmer from the Bloomington district reports that the boll weevils have come in force in his crop and within several days have destroyed ten bales of cotton on his 65-acre tract.

July 26 - Tom O'Connor has decided to put several thousand acres in cultivation next year in Refugio County. L.J. Wyatt has a contract to build 18 tenant houses near the town of Refugio. The work is now progressing.


July 21 - The contract for erecting the new steel stadium at the Patti Welder Athletic Field was let Wednesday afternoon to the Central Texas Iron Works of Waco on its low bid of $5,781. The contract calls for a complete job.

July 25 - Tomorrow night's girls softball game between the D-X Oilers of Topeka, Kansas, and Victoria Rosettes will begin at 8 o'clock. Fans are urged to go out early in order to get a parking place. Each person will be requested to contribute 10 cents as admission price for the game. E.T. Clark and Chester Evans have consented to "pass the hat" to collect the guarantee for the game. Show your appreciation by doing your bit.

July 27 - The city is now advertising for a gasoline engine-driven 500-gallon-per-minute combined booster pump and pumper for the Victoria Fire Department, it was announced today.


July 23 - South Texas Electric Cooperative officials said Monday that it will take several days to determine the exact amount of damage caused by a fire at one of its two electricity generating units at its plant between Nursery and Mission Valley. The fire broke out Sunday night but was quickly contained by employees who used five bottles of carbon dioxide, and by two county fire units. Riggs Sheppard, general manager of South Texas, said a preliminary estimate of $5,000 was made by the fire department.

July 24 - The fourth class of vocational nurses will receive certificates in ceremonies at Victoria College Student Union Friday at 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. Dorothy Swickheimer, administrator of Citizens Memorial Hospital, making the presentations. Members of the class include Mrs. Mary E. Nichols of Victoria, president; Miss Marie Koch of Victoria, vice-president; Mrs. Alpha E. Harper of Hallettsville, secretary; Mrs. Alice Norris, chaplain, and the following: Miss Mary Lee Aguilar, Mrs. Mattie M. Fielder, Mrs. Frances L. Green, Mrs. Valerie Krueger, Miss Judy Ann Ohrt, Miss Julia Ann Pena, Mrs. Dorothy Starbuck, Mrs. Evelyn Young and Miss Aileen Zatopek, all of Victoria, and Miss Lanell Huber of Yorktown, and Mrs. Ida Mareth of Edna.


July 21 - A city proposal to hike the hotel-motel tax two percent to fund the Texas Zoo is likely to meet opposition from people in the lodging industry.

"A poll of our group was unanimous that the hotel-motel tax shouldn't be used for operating funds for the zoo," said Damian Alvarez, president of the 13-member South Texas Crossroads Hotel-Motel Association.

"Our objection is not so much to increasing the tax, but the way it is being applied," he added. "We want something that not only gives the motels, but also the whole city, extra revenue."

The two percent increase has been proposed by members of the City Council in an effort to find a permanent method of funding the zoo. The zoo has been funded in recent years by the city with federal revenue sharing money.

But that program has been ended, and council has agreed to continue funding the zoo since it is in the city-owned Riverside Park, is open to the general public and attracts tourists.

The hotel-motel tax is currently set at five percent in Victoria, but would be increased to the maximum limit of seven percent under the council proposal. The two percent hike is expected to provide $93,000 for the zoo.

The city currently spends 1.5 percent of the tax to help finance the Victoria Community Center operating budget and half a percent for long-range major improvements to the center. Two percent goes to the Victoria Convention and Visitor's Bureau and one percent to the Victoria Cultural Council for the promotion of arts.

July 22 - Texas Treasurer Ann Richards, who was the highlight of the opening session of the Democratic National Convention, couldn't even get in the building to vote for presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.

Like many other delegates, Ms. Richards was on the outside Wednesday night when officials locked the Omni because of overcrowding.

"We got there and we couldn't get in, and I understood it," Mrs. Richards said Thursday. "But there were some people outside who kind of wanted to make a big deal out of it."

"They were a real good crowd, and they were in a real good mood, considering they couldn't get in the hall. They were trying to hassle the security guy, so they started chanting, 'Let Ann in. Let Ann in,'" she recalled.

Bill Cryer, Ms. Richards' press aide, said the treasurer's street supporters then broke into "We Shall Overcome."

Ms. Richards, amused by it all, retreated to her hotel room.

"It was really neat to come back down here, put on my shorts and sit and watch it on TV," she said.



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