REVELATIONS: Don't you wanna dunk me?

July 19, 2013 at 2:19 a.m.

There are likely more than a few people the Crossroads who wouldn't mind dunking my head below water.

Well, Victoria, here's your chance.

On July 27, at Greater Mt. Calvary Church, I'll be sitting inside a dunking booth waiting for someone with good aim to sink me.

The event for which I'm volunteering to be dunked is called Youth Fun Day.

It's the second annual fundraising event for the Greater Mt. Calvary children.

As I wrote on Facebook after accepting the cheeky invitation: "I agreed. #YOLO #Fun."

(YOLO = You only live once).

Last year, Youth Fun Day was organized by the church for the children of Silver City. It was intended to provide a day of no-cost entertainment and unite area churches of all denominations to band together.

But this year, event organizers are expanding the carnival and casting a wider net to help raise money for the church's economically disadvantaged youth.

Ginny Phillips, a Youth Fun Day organizer, said proceeds from the event will help purchase school supplies for more than 30 low-income children in its program.

It also helps pick up the costs of other items their kids might need, such as clothes and uniforms for school and extracurricular activities.

Phillips said the church sometimes has to step in because many of the children's parents truly can't afford extras.

"We want to support these kids," Phillips said. "A lot of them come from single-parent households of varying degrees of poverty. I would say Silver City is one of the poorest neighborhoods in town."

Greater Mt. Calvary Church, a predominantly African-American church led by the Rev. Montari Morrison, has been committed in recent years to breaking down religious and racial barriers and uniting Victoria's diverse Christian communities.

Morrison told me when he was installed two years ago that he wanted to shake up this town and spread a message of God's love beyond Silver City. He wanted to challenge the status quo. He wanted break down church segregation.

He wanted to inspire hope in our community and enfold as many kids as he could into the Greater Mt. Calvary family.

But mostly, Morrison desired to instill joy in children's lives and give parents all over the Crossroads a reason to get excited about church.

It was a lofty goal for an entire community, sure, but Morrison seemed confident that, in time, he could affect change in the religious climate in the Crossroads.

Youth Fun Day, I believe, is a solid start to accomplish Morrison's long-term goal. It's an excellent way to unite our north side and south side, our rich and poor, our young and old, and our many ethnicities.

Youth Fun Day is a great event for an excellent cause, and it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

All activities are free to the public, except for the dunking booth and food vendors, Phillips said.

A kickball tournament, free throw contest, basketball, cards and dominoes, face-painting, hay rides, water slides and an entertainment stage where area youth groups are invited to perform their singing and dancing talents are just a few of the games available to the public - for free.

But let's not forget the dunking booth, where for any dollar amount you can dunk me, Ash Wade and Stacy Snapp Killian for a good cause.

Let's raise some money for these kids.

C'mon out to 3101 Callis St. next Saturday.

You know you want to dunk me. Let's see what you got.

Jennifer Preyss is a reporter for the Victoria Advocate. You can reach her at 361-580-6535 or or @jenniferpreyss on Twitter.



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