Bowlers have close battle again for high score

July 25, 2013 at 2:25 a.m.

For the second consecutive week, area bowlers had a close battle for the weekly high score.

Thomas Rutherford rolled the top score while competing in the Summer Sunday Strikers league. He posted a 245 high game on his way to a 654 series.

Competing in the same league Gary Hatter Jr., was two pins short with a 652 set.

Craig Hoff bowled the high game for the week with a very nice 266 game contributing towards a 651 series in Rolling Thunder League play.

The close scores for the top spot, especially in tournaments, shows why every pin counts. It has long been a mantra for good bowlers that when you have a hard split, it is better to go for the count rather then try to pick it up and possibly miss all the pins on the lane.

Joanna McNary was the high women's bowler for the week with a 566 series, rolled during Rolling Thunder competition.

Olivia Jackson posted the second high total with a 558 set.

The 2013-14 VUSBC fall bowling season will soon be starting in late August for some leagues.

One of those leagues is the Red River League, who along with the Dow League (formerly Carbide), are the oldest leagues still competing in our local association.

The Red River League got its start at the old 6 lane "Campus Lanes" in the fall of 1954.

I was a pin boy setting pins that year for bowlers, like Ed Brooks, Hugh Webb, "Sparky" Wilson, Claude Eichman, "Hondo" Bednarz, Ed Kickendahl Jr., Emil Munch, Bill Richardson, James Zandonatti, and many others.

The Campus Lanes expanded to a 10 lane house and became the Woodlawn Lanes in the early 1960's under the management of Monroe Schroeder.

The Red River League moved to the Century Lanes several years ago as an 8 team league.

In spite of being the highest average league per bowler in town and highly competitive, it has been difficult to increase the number of teams in the league.

Long time league secretary, Larry Stroud and the league members are looking for competitive bowlers to form more teams. It is an all-men's league with a maximum handicap allowed per individual.

For more information on joining the Red River League, contact Stroud at 361-648-0480 or Mike Wortham at 361-576-1166.

A reminder that the Victoria USBC Association Hall of Fame induction and the installation dinner for the newly elected directors will be held at the Vera Cruz Restaurant on Aug. 3 at 7 p.m. Social time will begin at 6:30 p.m.

This years' Hall of Fame inductee will be Erin Faltysek.

Contact VUSBC Association manager Jim Mooney for information on tickets for the dinner. He can be reached at 361-550-6917.

Pro notes

ESPN will broadcast the 2013 U.S. Open Saturday at 11 a.m. The Open is one of bowling's Major tournaments.

There are several PBA bowlers who are in the running to win the "Bowler of The Year" award, winning this event could give them enough votes.

Jason Belmonte and Liz Johnson lead their respective field in the third day of qualifying for the Open finals.


It is with sorrow that I note of a former senior league bowler having passed away this past week at the age of 78.

Ramon Barela was a member of the "Over The Hill" senior league until a stroke stopped his bowling in 2010.

Even though he was not bowling, Ramon would drop by the lanes once in a while and visit with the bowlers.

My condolences and sympathy go out to his family.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Women: B, Ivicic 506; Men: T. Rutherford 245-654; G. Hatter Jr. 223-652; E. Smith 234-640; J. Holbert 225-628; M. Osterson 231-604; M. Michalec 225-587; J. Cass 569; J. Silgero 567; I. Gomez 566; A. Perez 560; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST HOT STUFF Women: J. McNary 566; O. Jackson 558; C. Valenta 208-520; J. Reyna 509; Men: C. Hoff 266-651; B. Marques 244-636; S. Zeplin 624; M. Michalec 607; M. Osterson 603; B. Korczynski 603; W. Reyna 236-595; R. Martinez 235-594; R. Vasquez 230-594; S. Miller 589; C. Martinka 587; T. Wash 233-585; M. Hernandez 232-583; B. Alex 565; D. Brackin 561; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) 1st PIN ACTION Women: B. Koebrick 584; Men: J. Cano 274-763; B. Hartman 288-755; B. Mowles 263-703; J. Weber 698; Z. Belfanz 687; B. Fisseler 278-685; R. Nickel 673; R. Kalmus 666; S. Gritta 280-658;



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