Recent issues show need for integrity in loyalty

July 25, 2013 at 2:25 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

What's more important, integrity or loyalty? A hardcore Marine asked Chuck Colson this question. Considering the Marine motto is Semper Fidelis, this was not a comfortable moment. Mr. Colson answered, "Loyalty is a virtue only if it is based upon truth." He further stated that based upon anything else loyalty would only bring destruction. There are so many issues confronting us, it's almost mind boggling. I will briefly touch on two of the major ones in the media hype at this time.

The Zimmerman debacle is one. This was a non-issue for more than a month until someone stirred things up. How many times a day are there altercations between different races? Why was this one so significant? If you followed established media outlets and read the articles without letting emotions get in the way, it is obvious this was a test case concerning the "stand your ground" laws many states have enacted. I have read of a few instances someone has abused this and most certainly should be punished. Now, we have a family, if not several, intimidated and unable to live normal lives because of threats. This is loyalty based on emotion and is causing destruction and division.

Another topic is "climate change." This has been a changeling from day one. One of the early suppositions was that excess CO2 was causing cloud cover and thereby holding in heat and raising temperatures. Years ago, I remember reading an article stating satellite pictures confirmed this over two locations. Only two? Now, the droughts all over the world are blamed on climate change. No rain means no clouds.

I wish there was more room for further discussion, but alas. Your loyalty is not based in truth if, when you are confronted with a reasonable statement that goes against your belief, you call names, accuse or even try to get the other person distracted. If so, your loyalty will only bring ______?

Tony Corte, Victoria



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