Years ago for Sunday, Jul 28, 2013

July 25, 2013 at 2:25 a.m.


July 30 - Frank Witte has completed his contract for painting the City Hall, and the building is greatly improved in appearance.

Aug. 1 - The Advocate was favored this morning by a call from one of Victoria's pioneers, Jacob Meier. Mr. Meier came from Switzerland to Victoria in 1852. On one occasion since that date he was on Saluria Island, 12 miles below old Indianola. With that exception, he has not been more than 15 miles from Victoria since he came to this country.


July 28 - Members of the B'Nai Israel cordially invite the public to attend the dedication services of their new organ Friday night at 7:45, at the temple located at 503 N. Main St.

Aug. 3 - The opposing managers of the all-star softball teams that will play an exhibition game tonight to raise funds for a trip to the Houston tournament have announced their starting lineups as follows: First All-Star Team: Arnold, c; Miori, p; Cohen, 1b; B. Mutschler, 2nd; James (Shorty) Loyd, 3b; Moss, ss; Evans, sf; Sloan, 1f; Keclik, cf; and E. Mutschler, rf. Second All-Star Team: Marshall, c; Kashouty, p; Sission, 1b; McCloskey, 2nd; Lynch, 3b; Bill Dick, ss; Stokes, sf; Schoener, 1f; Kalinowski, cf; and Haas, rf. R.J. Greeson will manage the first team and Willie Cattan the second team.


July 29 - Members of the York Oilers, who won the National Junior Teen-Age League championship and then won from Coca-Cola, American League titlists, for the City title are Calvin Jones, Bobby Burrell, Cruz Ortiz, Fite Espindola, Douglas Bennight, Karl Sutterfield, Doyle Motes, Mike O'Connell, Brian Rider, Eddie Mueller, Steve Prater, Ronnie Allen, Alvin Ellison and Fermin Rubio, the bat boy. Manager is Kenneth Larson and Bud Sutterfield is assistant manager.

The Coca-Cola team was undefeated during the regular schedule, and won the championship of the American Junior Teen-Age Baseball league before losing to York. Members of the squad are Bobby Daniels, George Murphy, Milton McDonnell, Hal Redmon, Mike Rippamonti, Mike Moore, Lou Dean, Sam Camacho, Chester Stanford, Craig Massey, Ronnie Foster, Darryl Miller, Manager Roy Havron and Assistant Manager Charles Rippamonti.

Aug. 2 - Two Texas A&M students from Victoria are among undergraduate students on the latest Distinguished Student list at the school. They are Richard J. Hausmann, a junior accounting student, and John P. Krebs, senior majoring in physics.


July 28 - Millions of Americans are waddling their way to early graves by consuming too much fat, too much salt and washing it all down with too much booze, the U.S. surgeon general reported on Wednesday.

"Diseases of dietary excess and imbalance" are among the leading causes of death in the United States, said the report issued by C. Everett Koop. "Over-consumption ... is now a major concern for Americans."

The study said that of 2.1 million Americans who died last year, nearly 1.5 million succumbed to diseases associated with diet.

"What we eat may affect our risk for several of the leading causes of death for Americans, notably coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes and some types of cancer," the report said. "These disorders together now account for more than two-thirds of all deaths in the United States."

The study said that many Americans are too fat, while others fail to get required nutrients such as calcium and iron. And the report repeatedly emphasized the need to cut down on consumption of animal products and replace them with a greater variety of foods, particularly fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Nutrition experts praised the report, predicting that it may have an important impact on how Americans regard their diet and on products sold by the food industry.

July 31 - She sat near President and Nancy Reagan at a play. She met "John-John" Kennedy, one of the country's most eligible bachelors. She attended a White House reception for the president of Turkey.

And she came away with the realization that, up close, the powerful men and women who run our country are "just ordinary people."

Victoria's D'Ann Mabray, a 20-year-old journalism/political science student at Baylor University, has just returned from a seven-week stint in Washington, D.C., as a volunteer congressional intern in the office of U.S. Rep. Mac Sweeney, R-Wharton.

She answered phones, filed letters, ran errands such as delivering documents to the congressman during committee hearings, and generally assisted Sweeney's legislative efforts.

"It was a busy time, but it was real exciting," said D'Ann, a 1986 graduate of Victoria High School.

One of the most exciting times for her came when she attended the play "Les Miserables" at a Washington theatre.

"I walked in and there were Secret Service men all over the place. I went up to one of the men and asked him who was there. He said, "The king and queen of our country."

It was the first lady's birthday, and President Reagan had taken his wife to the theater.

" I sat about ten feet away from them. They just sat and watched the play like anybody else."

D'Ann is the daughter of C.R. and Edwina Mabray, of Victoria.



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