Straight Teeth Talk: Extreme makeover

By Mac Lee
June 4, 2013 at 1:04 a.m.

Before: If the teeth, lip line and gum line do not line up, the smile will lack symmetry.

Before: If the teeth, lip line and gum line do not line up, the smile will lack symmetry.

Through modern dentistry and modern dental material, we can provide extreme makeovers.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Liking or not liking the way teeth look is all based on the individual. Some simply don't notice their own teeth, while others hide their smile with a hand over the mouth or hide with the upper lip or grow a mustache.

Some people do not notice teeth at all, while others say it is the first thing they see.

Teeth, good or bad, have an effect. It has been said that Ronald Reagan used his smile in a very unique way. If he wanted to look happy and positive, he would smile with his upper lip and show nice, pretty, straight teeth. When he wanted to show toughness, he talked with his lower lip down exposing crooked and not-so-nice teeth.

Rules for a beautiful smile

Atlas may have held the world, but the two front upper teeth hold the key to a beautiful smile. If these teeth are the right length, width, shape and color, and they sit in the right place in the mouth and the other teeth follow the lead, there will be symmetry.

Symmetry is beauty and pleasing to the eye.

If the smile line and the gum line simply look out of place, the smile and gum line have no symmetry.

If the front teeth and gums hang down too long, the symmetry is off as well. The solution for the misplaced teeth is to trim both the gums and the teeth and then crown every tooth so they will all match in size, color, shape and, most importantly, position.

Predictable results

When getting a smile makeover, it is important that you get predictable results with a trial run as to what the final outcome is going to look like and feel like. This is achieved by having plastic temporary teeth that will mimic the final outcome.

Once the patient likes the look of the temporaries, impressions are made so the lab can duplicate the results. It is one of the most important steps so be sure and ask your dentist about it.

Dr. Mac Lee practices in Edna. He is a international speaker to dentists and is an adviser to Dr. Mehmet Oz. To learn more, visit or call 361-782-7191.



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