Candidate promises to be independent voice

June 4, 2013 at 1:04 a.m.

My name is Joe Truman, and I am asking for your support in my re-election campaign for the position of council member for Super District 5. In the four years that I have served on the City Council, we have made great progress on long-standing problems in our city. We have updated our deteriorating water and sewer systems. We have invested your tax dollars in renovating our worst roads and continue to move forward in improving our neighborhood infrastructures. Our downtown area is coming back to life and is a sight to behold. I am most proud of our city stepping up and recognizing and addressing the needs of our employees. We not only developed a pay program that rewards the work of our valiant first responders but all our valued personnel also. We accomplished this while reducing your tax rate. I use the term "we" because these issues were not accomplished by any one person. It was through the fine work of the team we have assembled in our city staff. It was through effective communication of my constituents' needs that we were able to accomplish these important projects.

I am a fourth-generation Victorian. I was locally educated at Nazareth Academy and graduated from St. Joseph High School. I went on to study at Baylor University, Victoria College and the University of Houston-Victoria. My wife, Sandy, our son, Joseph, and I are devout Catholics and attend service at Our Lady of Victory Cathedral and Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

I am vice president of my family's business, Truman Transfer & Storage Inc. At 101 years, Truman Transfer is Victoria's oldest continuously owned and operated family business. This longevity is by no means an accident. Each generation of the Truman family has dedicated themselves to our community. For the past 30 years, I have served on numerous boards and committees striving to make our hometown a better place to live for all Victorians.

It has been a privilege to serve you for the past four years on our City Council. From my very first action on council - working to build a sidewalk for the children of Torres Elementary - to my last, fighting for your voting rights - I have always kept you and your rights as the basis of my decisions. I believe that I have represented all Victorians fairly and equally, showing favoritism to none. I have taken pride in being an independent voice on our City Council.

My highest priority for the upcoming budget year is to work with staff to reduce your tax rate once again. I promise you that I will do everything I can so that your higher appraised values will not increase your tax burden over last year. This can only be accomplished by a person experienced with our budgeting process. I have proven my ability to do this by my record of significant reduction three out of my four years.

I have had to face many challenging issues during my tenure. I have always weighed each vote on a simple test: "Will it make Victoria a better place to live?" or "Will it make Victoria a safer place to live?" Please remember that I have tried to represent your interests when it comes to your vote for a true representative on our City Council. I humbly ask for your support in the runoff for Super District 5.

Early voting began Monday and ends June 11. The final Election Day is June 15.

Joe Truman is the incumbent for Victoria City Council Super District 5. He is running for re-election in the runoff election. Voters can reach him with questions or comments at 361-550-2523 or by emailing



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