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Bach Festival's Dutch music promises to be treat for audience

By Jessica Rodrigo
June 6, 2013 at 1:06 a.m.

Victoria Bach Festival Concertmaster Stephen Redfield will perform, along with other musicians, for the noon Friday performance, Dutch Treat, at First United Methodist Church.

Friday's performance will take the Victoria Bach Festival back to a time when Johann Sebastian Bach was composing music.

The program, Dutch Treat, was designed by Victoria Bach Concertmaster Stephen Redfield to showcase chamber music with baroque music.

"We will be performing all Dutch music," he said. "The idea is to show how influential Dutch music was in the baroque period and to Bach in particular."

Redfield, who has been part of the festival for more than 20 years, will be playing the violin during the performance along with other members of the Victoria Bach Festival.

He describes the music as very passionate with different colors and gestures.

"It's not quite so muscular and brilliant but more muted, blended and graceful," he said. "There is a huge variety on this program and groupings from many different instruments."

New Young Artist Jane Leggiero will perform music with the group on her baroque period instrument, the viola da gamba, for the sonata prima from "Hortus Musicus" by Johann Adam Reincken.

Other period instruments will include the harpsichord and organ.

Friday evening's performance with the Austin chamber-rock group named Mundi will also feature music with some older instruments.

Mundi music director Darrel Mayers will play his guitar and his oud, which is an Arabic instrument considered an early ancestor of the guitar.

The group also includes sounds from the bass, cello, drums, violin, French horn and a hajhouj, a North African bass guitar.

"It's very melodic and all instrumental. It's a world music act," Mayers said. "We will be playing music from Spain, North Africa and medieval Europe."

Mundi's concert will include music for the upcoming tour in northern Spain starting in July.

For information about tickets, visit the Victoria Bach Festival website or call 361-570-5788.



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