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First boat crosses finish line (Video)

By Taylor Mitchell
June 10, 2013 at 1:10 a.m.

Team FrednThemGuys stand together exhausted after finishing the Texas Water Safari. Billed as the worlds toughest canoe race Mynar and his team of six finished the race first late Sunday night paddling 260 miles in a time of 39 hours and 45 minutes.

NOTE: Catch live updates from our reporters covering the event in our live chat here. Use the hashtag #twsafari to join the conversation.

SEADRIFT - In the early morning hours Monday, the San Antonio Bay was pitch black, except for one light.

The light moved closer and closer to land and when it finally reached the Seadrift pier, the first boat of the 2013 Texas Water Safari had completed the 260-mile journey.

Boat 4106 - with the team name FrednThemGuys - was the first boat to reach Seadrift and finish the world's toughest canoe race in less than 40 hours.

"It feels pretty good," said Kyle Mynar, 27. "A lot of times I was questioning why I was even out there, but getting here makes it all worth it."

"It's exciting," said Andrew Condie, 28. "It's always a relief to get here to the finish line. You're uncomfortable, tired, and miserable and all you want to do is finish so you can stop paddling for a little while."

The six-man boat, racing in the unlimited class, officially crossed the finish line at 12:43 a.m., exactly 39 hours, 43 minutes after starting the Texas Water Safari in San Marcos on Saturday morning.

"We had some phenomenal teammates," said Andrew Condie, 28. "We trained really hard this year and started in January. We were out there almost every weekend training hard."

By the time boat 4106 crossed the finish line, no other boat had made it past the last checkpoint prior to Seadrift, the Saltwater Barrier.

"Everybody in the boat is an accomplished paddler," said Fred Mynar, 54. "When we teamed up we knew we would be fast."

After an impressive performance like that, it's easy to assume the crew of Condie, Fred Mynar, Jerry Cochran, Kyle Mynar, Logan Mynar and Tommy Yonley wouldn't feel good.

However, that wasn't the case.

"I feel surprisingly good," Kyle Mynar said.

"It's really not that bad," Fred Mynar said. "But maybe that's just the relief of getting here."

Over the next couple of days, there will be plenty of other boats and teams celebrating their finish of the Texas Water Safari.

But only one boat can say it was first and, for 2013, the six men from boat 4106 can say exactly that.



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