Andrew Young will bring serious leadership

June 11, 2013 at 1:11 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

On June 15, there will be a runoff election between Andrew Young and Joe Truman. After watching the City Council meetings these past few weeks, it became apparent to me that we have a serious decision to make.

What should have taken a reasonable amount of time to accept what the city attorney, the county election official and the district attorney deemed to be the proper results in the mayoral race, according to the law, you would have been shaking your head.

There was a considerable amount of forestalling as it seemed that a few did not like the results and what the law stated. Here was an opportunity for leadership that Mr. Truman did not take.

Doesn't Victoria deserve serious leadership? So what do you do about it? Mr. Truman had an opportunity and passed on it, and the next week, he tried unsuccessfully to rectify his actions. I do appreciate his public service, but for, me it is time for a change. We need true leadership, and I see that in Dr. Andrew Young. Let's send a message that as citizens we want serious leadership. I fully support Dr. Andrew Young for Super District 5 and ask for your vote for serious leadership.

Buddy Lee, Victoria



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