Take on an old rival this weekend at the library


June 12, 2013 at 1:12 a.m.

If you're a gamer who is itching to play some Wii tennis this weekend, you're in luck.

The Victoria Parks and Recreation Department and the Victoria Public Library are hosting a Wii Summer Olympics event where gamers 10 years old and older can play against each other in a two-hour tournament.

As a former gamer myself, this seems like a good chance to stroll down memory lane.

I remember getting our first Nintendo 64.

Dad came home fairly late with the system in hand, and we were sent to our chambers with strict instructions to wait until we got out of school the next day to play.

My 9-year-old self crept out of bed around midnight to set up the system and played through the wee hours of the morning.

Behind me were two big, bright eyes enraptured by the 3-D madness of an Italian man running through a patch of green and battling against a giant bomb.

My 3-year-old brother, Jose, had also snuck out of his crib to watch me play.

I leveled-up world by world as Jose watched on in fear of 3-D monsters and swirling vortices.

The two of us became fast friends, game after game, console after console.

And then almost 10 years later, our roles reversed.

I came home from college, and he had already mastered the games on his Nintendo Wii.

The first time I picked up a Nintendo Wii joystick, I felt an extreme amount of anxiety over the new, wireless technology.

But after a round of tennis in the family room, all those fears washed away.

This is the parks and recreation department's first time to host the Wii Summer Olympics event.

The games follow the same guidelines as Wii Sports, and the center is asking that each contestant plays up to two games.

Baseball, golf, tennis and bowling are the sports of choice.

This would be the perfect opportunity to bond with a younger sibling or to challenge an old video game rival.

As Ash Ketchum would say, "Gary Oak, where are you? I've got a new game for us to play."



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