Oceans For Emotions: Don't let your bad days ruin your good days

By Elaine Wheat
June 14, 2013 at 1:14 a.m.

"...Wait on the Lord and He shall save Thee."

- Proverbs 20:22

Recently, my best fishing friend and I finally figured out a way to fish and be comfortable. We shopped and shopped and bought the perfect beach umbrella to keep the sun out but let the light in.

When we saw it, we could envision ourselves casting out from underneath it while in the shade, and we renamed it. Instead of umbrella, we were going to call it "wonderbrella."

It just fit into my fishing SUV. We left it in there, picked up the tackle and the pimiento cheese sandwiches and raced off to the beach.

It was only when we got to our sandy beach that we found the printout of "how to assemble" the umbrella directions and saw that it was about as long as a keeper redfish.

I sat on the back of my SUV and read the instructions on how to assemble wonderbrella. My BFF would only have to do the work. By the time we finished assembling wonderbrella, we were not speaking kindly to each other. Just getting it out of its package was a monumental task, so we decided to go dip in the ocean to cool off.

Later, we knew we could sit under the wonderbrella, cool off and dry out for the trip home. After catching some reds, trout and flounder, we heard the afternoon thunderstorms rumbling, and we found putting down wonderbrella was as hard as putting it up. We could see the thunder and lightning moving toward us.

We did not read disassemble directions but used the cram-and-jam method and quickly headed back home to Victoria.

I threw the stringer of fish into the pimiento cheese ice chest and realized I had not used the fish ice chest, and so I messed up the fish with pimiento cheese.

Dear Lord, just because we didn't have a great day, help us not stop looking for them. Days like this can make us either feel closer to God or to turn away. Thank You for being closer when we call.



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