Two great games lead to high series for Thomas

June 19, 2013 at 1:19 a.m.

Victor Thomas rolled the top series for the week with two great games above the 250 mark.

He started Rolling Thunder League without an open frame to post a 255 game. With two open frames in the second game, he dropped to a 191 score before rebounding for a clean game in the last game for a 257 individual score and 703 for the series.

Shawn Miller was a close second with a great 288 game helping towards a 695 total.

Other good scores for the men were by Mike Osterson, 669; Kevin Rosales, 255-663; Ray Rendon, 247-651; and Kim Blake with a 245 individual.

Rebekah Martinez had the high score for the women with a 218 high game contributing toward a 573 set.

With only three leagues competing during the summer and one of them being a no-tap league (where a 9 pin count on the first ball counts toward a strike), it gives me an opportunity to write about bowling in general.

One of the questions that is often asked by non-bowlers and bowlers who have not bowled in the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open is that with all the high scores that are bowled during regular league play, why is it difficult to score as high during the state or national tournaments?

In my opinion, it is lane dressing conditions that area bowlers are not used to playing on. Not that the conditions are bad, but they are different then what we bowl on locally. Bowlers have not been able to adjust to the ball reaction, and there is a very small margin for error in speed and timing.

As in all sports, muscle memory is an integral part of consistency. With the Open conditions being used now, which are creating very little friction on the lanes, it leads to bowlers trying to force the ball into the pocket, which leads to disruption of timing. It also leads to bowlers missing many spares that they usually pick up.

It certainly would be beneficial to practice on lanes with the dressing used in the Open if you can find an area bowling center that will lay that oil pattern.

The highest series by an area bowler in the USBC Open was bowled by a young John Michael Szilagyi in the 2005 USBC Open that was held in Baton Rouge, La.

After a 427 series in the team event and a small 500 series in the doubles event, he switched to an older ball in the singles event and bowled two 246 games back to back.

In the final game, two solid 7-pin taps in the middle of the game prevented the right-hander from bowling a 270-plus game, and he finished with a 258. The great three games gave him a 750 series, and he tied for 18th place in the singles event.

That has been the highest finish for area men bowlers in the USBC Open, and it is special, considering he was competing against 66,000 bowlers.

For area women, the homegrown and greatly experienced Karen Stroud won the USBC women's tournament doubles event in 2005 and repeated in 2006 by winning the singles event, all events and placing third in the doubles event. That is a great accomplishment.

Next week, I will highlight area Texas State USBC Open past winners.

Pete Weber, the great Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) bowler, turned 50 last August and was eligible to compete in the 2013 PBA50 Tour.

He did not take long to establish himself with the seniors by winning this year's Senior Masters Tournament. The regular USBC Masters Tournament was the only major that was missing from his 10 major wins and 37 PBA titles. Coming in as the third seed, he won three matches for the title.

It is with sorrow that I note of another former Victoria bowler to pass away.

John Ozuna, a league bowler in the '70s and '80s, died last week at the age of 71. John and his wife, "Cuca," were league bowlers for many years and members of the Victoria Latin bowlers club.

My condolence and sympathy go out to his family.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: K. Rosales 255-663; A. O'Brien 222-628; G. Hatter Jr. 624; E. Smith 228-608; J. Silgero 605; J. Walker 576; J. Cass 574; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST TEAM 8 Women: R. Martinez 218-573; O. Jackson 216-560; J. McNary 207-542; J. Reyna 521; Men: V. Thomas 257-703; S. Miller 288-695; M. Osterson 234-669; R. Rendon 247-651; M. Rodriguez 235-635; K. Blake 245-608; R. Martinez 607; S. Zeplin 587; C. Schmidt 584; P. Smith 584; S. Bringer 582; G. Verduzco 224-581; J. Bryant 579; J. Rodriguez 234-572; M. Michalec 570; G. Hatter Jr. 564; H. Tesch 557; B. Marques 552; J. Longoria 233-545; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) Women: A. Cano 237-609; C. Danesi 231-602; Men: B. Mowles 280-777; J. Cano 279-723; B. Hartman 266-707; R. Kalmus 264-699; J. Weber 253-677.



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