Social Call: Victoria has pool options for kids, less for grown-ups

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

June 19, 2013 at 1:19 a.m.

Looking for a pool to hang out at this summer? The Club at Colony Creek has a great one that's cheap for non-members.

Looking for a pool to hang out at this summer? The Club at Colony Creek has a great one that's cheap for non-members.

If you haven't been out to the pool yet this summer, you might want to check your calendar.

My first day of pool ventures happened in late May while I was in McAllen with my boyfriend for a wedding.

It had been more than a year since I had submerged myself into cool, chlorinated and shocked water.

My advice? Don't put off a day at the pool.

Experience it. get your South Texas sea legs back, and if you've never had them, grow some.

Once we returned from our stay at the Renaissance, which I highly recommend if you end up in that neck of the woods, the itch had started.

It rained for some of that extended Memorial Day weekend, so our hopes for a dunk at The Club at Colony Creek pool began to wilt.

But Mother Nature pulled through and brought out the sun the next day.

Andre's parents are members of the club, so I was able to join them at the pool by paying the nonmember pool fee of $5.

Beware: If you're a nonmember, you can't go to club pool without being a member's guest.

The newly renovated pool was freshly shocked, and you could feel it.

As a former lifeguard, it was like getting the first slice of pie straight out of the oven.

We were out with Christian, Andre's nephew, whom we taught how to properly cannonball into the water.

The next day, we ended up at an apartment complex pool where a couple of friends were grilling outside with their neighbors.

There weren't as many kids, and the setting was way more relaxed.

Looking back, we probably should have picked up some spiked slushies from Eskimo Hut.

On our way through the neighborhood, we spied a handful of kids conquering the recently opened Splash Pad.

Now, that is a place ideal for children.

But for grown-ups? I think Victoria might still have some work to do on that.

On our our way to the bar one night, a few of us joked about the possibility of Greeks 205 opening a pool on the rooftop.

Although I'm aware the chances of that occurring are slim to none, I can dream, can't I?

So if you haven't already, make a plan between friends, find a pool you can hang out at for a few hours, bring the rose and go for a swim.

And obviously, drink within reason.

Don't have any plans for Thursday? Check out the patio party at The Club at Colony Creek.

The seafood-themed, live music soiree should prove the perfect end to an evening swim.

And maybe you'll become friends with a member who will let you join them at the pool sometime this summer.

May the trolling gods be with you.



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