7th Annual VUSBC Open City Tournament under way

By Abel Garcia
March 4, 2013 at 11:01 p.m.
Updated March 3, 2013 at 9:04 p.m.

David Matthews bowled a great 728 scratch series in the first squad Saturday morning to help get his team to an early lead in this year's city tournament.

That gave him momentum to strive for the prestigious City Championship title, which is based on the nine-game-scratch all events total.

Matthews followed that big series with sets Sunday morning of 653 in the singles event and 652 in doubles for an all-events scratch score of 2,033 and the early lead in the three-weekend tournament.

Matthews was not the only bowler to post a 700-plus series the opening day of the seventh annual VUSBC Open City Tournament.

T.J. Mooney rolled an impressive 738 scratch score in the Division 1 singles event but with zero handicap. He is in second place behind Danny Reissig, who posted an equally impressive 736 scratch and 768 handicap singles score. Tom Crowe rolled a nice 257-701 in his doubles event.

In the team event, the Crossroads Roller posted a score of 3,345 to take the lead in Division I. Team members and handicap scores are Samantha Wharton (641), Joseph Blount (631), David Matthews (728), Tom Crowe (669) and Michael Stacy (660). Currently in second place is the team Where's Randy (3,247) with members Abel Garcia (602), Darren Blohm (641), Jacob Silgero (783), Kenneth Schupbach (582) and Herschel Richards (639). Team NVD (3,233) holds third place with members Donald Padgett (641), Matt Mathieu (623), Jerry Molina (676), Lee Caballero (673) and Jesse Guerra (620).

The Division II team leader is Alley Gators (3,134) with members Kathy Kern (605), Deborah Bues (688), Amanda Kern (601), Darryl Kern 596) and Waylon Kern (644). In second place is Fire In The Hole (3,116) with members Ray Nickel (526), Rae Cano (727), Robert Fissler (613), Stephen Schmitt (699) and Jerry Cano (551).

The top three Division I singles leaders are Danny Reissig, 768; T.J. Mooney, 738; and Robert Fissler, 716. The Division II leaders are Darryl Kern, 697; Jim Mooney, 688; and Rae Cano, 674. Kern bowled a career-high 277 scratch game to help his set.

The Division I Doubles leaders are Tom Crowe and Michael Stacy, 1,328; Lee Caballero and Jesse Guerra, 1,303; and Justin Tweedle and Steve Zeplin, 1,272.

The Division II Doubles leaders are Darryl Kern and Waylon Kern, 1,318; Rae Cano and Jerry Cano, 1,232; and Donald Padgett and Matt Mathieu, 1,171.

The handicap all-events leaders in Division I are Tom Crowe, 2,084; David Mathews, 2,033; and Robert Fissler, 1,981.

The Division II leaders are Rae Cano, 2,055; Darryl Kern, 1,956; and Waylon Kern 1,952.

There are still two more weekends of competition at the Century Lanes before the final winners are determined.

Great scratch scores during the first weekend of tournament play in the 7th Annual VUSVC City Championships were T.J. Money (258-738/608), Danny Reissig (272-736), Matthews (255-728/227-652/653), Tom Crowe (257-701/257-693/672/255-648/622), Steve Zeplin (257-664/661/233-652), Mike Stacy (258-660/236-659/606), John Figueroa (647), Steve Dicksinon (237-644), Michael Rodriguez (641), Jerry Cano (268-639), Rick Bassano (231-639), Stephen Schmitt (244-637/236-637), Robert Fisseler (244-635), Herschel Richards (634), Jacob Silgero (235-632), Darren Blohm (631), Abraham Flores (620), Christopher Kurtz (227-619), Justin Tweedle (235-610), Lee Caballero (609), Jerry Molina (609), Jamer Bryant (604), Victor Thomas (602/601), Martin Almendarez (233-601), Darryl Kern (277), Samantha Wharton (231-579), Rae Cano (552).



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