Netflix Fix: Binge on these TV series this Spring Break

By by Luis Rendon/
March 6, 2013 at 2 p.m.
Updated March 5, 2013 at 9:06 p.m.

Toni Collete stars in "United States of Tara."

Toni Collete stars in "United States of Tara."

This spring break you have two options. You can either a) go outside and do things or b) wrap up in your favorite Snuggie and binge on all the awesome TV available on Netflix. Personally, I'm going with the latter.

But don't get it twisted. No one wants to waste their time watching any old show that's going to disappoint you in the end (I'm looking at you, Ally McBeal). No, your glorious days of spring break are precious, and I intend to fill them with only the best programming out there. Here are some shows you should consider.

Ugly Betty

Betty Suarez dreams of a career in the fashion magazine industry but doesn't quite fit the strict mold of the business. America Ferrera, in the role she was born for as the titular Betty, is the center of this campy show. She's funny, charming and someone you consistently root for.

The show may go off the rails sometimes with its outrageous plots, but it always stays connected to its main message of being an outsider and wanting to belong. The chemistry on set between the ensemble cast is electric, and you'll find yourself invested in everyone's arches before the epically satisfying fourth and final season.


You don't know Sherlock Holmes until you've seen this BBC miniseries. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make for a satisfying Holmes and Watson, respectively, but it's in the villains where this series surpasses all others. Andrew Scott's Moriarty is fun and dripping with insanity - the true perfect foil to Cumberbatch's stiff-as-a-board Holmes.

There are only seven episodes so far, and you will never guess the endings to any of the cases Sherlock and Watson embark on. All you can do is pay attention because you won't want to miss a moment when all is revealed in the end.

United States of Tara

Diablo Cody's true masterpiece isn't "Juno." It is this brilliant series. Tara, played by the always marvelous Toni Collette, is a mother and wife living in the heartland of America just trying to make it by every day. Oh, and she also has dissociative identity disorder, which causes her to have multiple personalities that manifest at any given time, leading to some serious family tension.

You will get sucked into the life of this woman who is trying to be a good mother while battling her demons who literally are taking over her life. Funny and scary at times, but mostly heartbreaking, this show will hook you faster than Tara's personalities start multiplying.

Sons of Anarchy

If you haven't watched "Sons of Anarchy," then you don't know thrilling television. This Hamlet-on-wheels production revolves around a gritty California motorcycle club who have taken the reigns of their community and will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Each episode crackles with all the drama and excitement the gang finds its way into. Rival gangs and the police are the usual suspects when it comes to the gang's ails, but the show is at it's best when the troubles come from within the gang.

Arrested Development

Comedy at it's highest form, "Arrested Development" is the thinking man's sitcom. The show revolves around the Bluth family, a hodgepodge of crazy characters whose company is falling to pieces after father Bluth is imprisoned for doing bad business.

Hijinks after hijinks ensue after Michael, the "normal" brother, attempts to stabilize his family and their fortune. The show will whiz right by you, so pay attention to really enjoy the layers of comedy that executive producer/narrator Ron Howard and his cast are performing.

Now's the time to catch up on the show before it comes back to life for a fourth season and film on Netflix later this year.



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