Victoria students plan their spring break (video)

March 8, 2013 at 6:05 p.m.
Updated March 8, 2013 at 9:09 p.m.

Bridget Bustos, 18, spent a recent afternoon dreaming about her spring break plans in between phone calls to her high school's front desk.

The Victoria West High School senior said she's combining both of her favorite vacation spots into one weeklong holiday.

"I'm going to Port O'Connor then taking a trip to the Frio River in Concan," said Bustos. "I'm also excited about seeing one of my favorite country music bands there."

Down the hall in the lunchroom, sophomore Isaiah Carter, 15, was getting pumped about his tubing trip on the San Marcos River.

"I'm staying with some family friends there for five days," Isaiah said. "I want to get the new Retro 7 Air Jordans at the outlet mall, too."

Freshman Ty Salas, 15, was in class thinking about all the roller coaster rides he plans to endure at Sea World in San Antonio over the break.

"My uncle is picking me up, and then we'll go to Corpus Christi for the rest of the week," Ty said. "I'm going to ride all the rides."

Over at St. Joseph High School, senior Ross Plascyzk, 18, was eating lunch and contemplating his upcoming family vacation to Enchanted Rock and a romantic trip with his girlfriend to Port O'Connor planned later that week.

"I'm going on a hunting trip with my family, and then me and my girlfriend will just hang out at the beach," Plascyzk said.

This spring break might mean a week of relaxation and pause for most students, but for St. Joseph sophomore Alana Delbosque, 16, time isn't going to stop.

"I'll be competing in the Southern Swing Volleyball tournament in Austin," Alana said.

Shelbie VanBeveren, 16, a fellow sophomore, will be showing her heifers at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo during the weekend.

"I'm going to see Tim McGraw," Shelbie said. "I'm also pretty excited about the calf scrambling."

At Victoria East High School, senior Jodie Garcia, 17, was in English class thinking about her family trip to Lake Jackson.

"Everyone else will be at Port A," Jodie said. "I really want to get some quiet time with my family."

Fellow senior Taylin Sledge, 18, has plans to compete in a basketball tournament in Houston.

"I'll probably go to the mall there too, and if I see something I like, I'll get it," Sledge said.

Senior Whitney Wiley, 17, said she'll be free to rest after taking her SAT on Saturday.

"I'm definitely going to the beach afterward," Whitney said. "I have a friend who has a lease on a ranch nearby, so we'll probably go camping, too."

With plans to join the masses at Port Aransas, senior David DeLaCruz, 18, has plans to play disc golf on the beach.

DeLaCruz said he plans to enlist in the Marines after graduation, so he plans to "live it up" until then.

"I'll also go fishing and Jet Ski with family and friends," DeLaCruz said. "It's going to be nice not having any schoolwork."

Mexico is the vacation spot for two East High School seniors ready for a change of pace.

"After I take my SAT, I'm heading to Progresso to eat some real Mexican food," senior Cecellia Smith, 17, said. "I've been there several times; it's along the border."

And sophomore Ethen Vega, 17, said he plans to go to uncharted territory.

"I'm going to Cancun with my mom, brother and hopefully my dogs," Ethen said. "I can't wait to get a tan and sit by the ocean all week."



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