20-year-old takes lead at USBC City Open

By Abel Garcia
March 10, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Updated March 9, 2013 at 9:10 p.m.

Jacob Silgero competed Saturday morning in the seventh Annual USBC City Open Tournament and took over the Division 2 lead in singles, doubles and all events.

The 20-year old bowler has worked hard at improving his game in his second year of USBC competition and the experience is exhibited in his progress.

Silgero moved ahead of Darryl Kern to take over first place in the singles event with a score of 713. Kern dropped to second place with his score of 697, which was rolled last week.

Paul Smith moved into third place in the event with a 689.

Joseph Blount was the only bowler in Division 1 singles to crack the top 7 on the prize list during Saturday's competition with a very nice 619 scratch and 694 handicap score to move into sixth place.

Blount also crafted a very nice all events handicap score of 2,044 to move into second place in Division 1.

Danny Reissig is the leader in Division 1 singles with a score of 768.

In a combination of youth and experience, Silgero teamed with me to move into the Division 2 doubles lead. Youth led the way with a 719 set and combined with my 649 series, we totaled 1,368.

The duo of Darryl Kern and Waylon Kern dropped to second place with their score of 1,318, posted last week. Howard Tesch and Abraham Flores posted a score of 1,288. Tesch lead the team with very nice 724 handicap set.

The only change in Division 2 doubles were Joseph Blount and Samantha Wharton moving into third place with their score of 1,297. Blount led the way with a 713 score.

The leaders in Division 1 are Tom Crowe and Michael Stacy with a score of 1,328.

Silgero's handicap scores of 783 in the team event, 713 in singles and 719 in doubles moved him in to first place in Division 2 all events with a total pinfall of 2,215.

Rae Cano dropped to second place with her score of 2,055, posted last week. Darryl Kern also dropped a spot to third place with last week's score of 1,956.

Tom Crowe is still in the lead for the Division 1 handicap All Event title with a score of 2,084 rolled during the first week of tournament competition.

There was no team event competition during this past weekend at the Century Lanes.

The team leaders remained the same with the team Crossroads bowlers still leading Division 1 with a score of 3,345. Alley Gators leads the Division 2 team event with their score of 3,134.

David Matthews still holds the lead for the coveted City Championship Title, which is based on the scratch All Event scores. He bowled sets of 728 (team), 653 (singles), and 652 (doubles) for an All Events score of 2,033.

The tournament will conclude next weekend at the Century Lanes with plenty of competition ready to move into the prize list.

Listed below are the scores that are currently in the running for a prize. The number of places paid is based on the number of entries per event.

Team Event Div 1: 1st Crossroads Rollers 3,345 2nd Where Is Randy 3,247 3rd N.V. D. 3,233. Div 2: 1st Alley Gators 3,134. Doubles Div 1: 1st Tom Crowe-Michael Stacy 1,328 2nd Lee Caballero-Jesse Guerra 1,303 3rd Joseph Blount-Samantha Wharton 1,297. Div 2: 1st Jacob Silgero-Abel Garcia 1,368 2nd Darry Kern-Waylon Kern 1,318 Singles Div 1: 1st Danny Reissig 768 2nd Timothy Mooney 738 3rd Robert Fisseler 716 4th Tom Crowe 714 5th Stephen Schmidt 699 6th Joseph Blount 694 7th John Figueroa 690 Div 2: Jacob Silgero 713 2nd Darryl Kern 697 3rd Paul Smith 689 All Events Div 1: 1st Tom Crowe 2,084 2nd Joseph Blount 2,044 3rd David Matthews 2,044 4th Robert Fisseler 1,981 5th Stephen Schmitt 1,981 6th Steve Zeplin 1,977 Div 2: 1st Jacob Silgero 2,215 2nd Rae Cano 2,055 3rd Darryl Kern 1,956

Good scratch scores bowled during Saturday's competition were: Joseph Blount 248-638/619, Abel Garcia 247-633/233, Joe Wittenburg 231-632/601, Justin Tweedle 246-618, Kenneth Schupbach 225-618, Victor Thomas 607, Paul Smith 603, Howard Tesch 242-587, Abraham Flores 236-597.



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