Goliad family spends more than 15 years at rodeo (Video)

Jennifer Lee Preyss By Jennifer Lee Preyss

March 17, 2013 at 10:04 p.m.
Updated March 17, 2013 at 10:18 p.m.

Sam Wyatt rides a bull during the bull riding portion of the PRCA Rodeo at the Goliad County Fairgrounds Arena.

Sam Wyatt rides a bull during the bull riding portion of the PRCA Rodeo at the Goliad County Fairgrounds Arena.

While the Goliad County PRCA Rodeo barrel racers prepared to ride out of the chute on horseback, Stormie Lutz, 17, walked into the arena and stood next to rodeo clown Troy "Wild Child" Lerwill.

Wearing an oversized, yellow hat and pants five sizes too large for his waist, Wild Child attempted to mount a dirt bike and clear the top of a full-sized tractor-trailer.

As Wild Child clutched the dirt bike's brakes, Lutz pretended to look agitated.

Then, the reveal.

"You're a girl," the clown shouted into his microphone as Lutz removed her helmet and let her long, brown hair sway in the breeze. "I thought you were a him."

Lutz stormed out of the arena while Wild Child taunted her on his microphone.

Moments later, Wild Child cleared the tractor-trailer, and the audience roared in applause.

For Lutz, a senior at Goliad High School, volunteering in the entertainment portion of the Goliad Rodeo is nothing new.

She's been dressing in costume and participating in the rodeo skits since she was in elementary school.

"If I ain't volunteering, I'm being asked," she said, following the rodeo Sunday afternoon. "I enjoy it. I've been doing it almost my whole life."

Lutz knows the rodeo life all too well. When she's not lending her talents to the live comedy sketches, she's competing in barrel racing, pole bending and assisting her parents in organizing the rodeo.

Her parents, Lisa and Thomas "Tee" Lutz, have served for the past 15 years on the Goliad PRCA Rodeo Committee and have participated in rodeo events and organized the rodeo for 20 of their 28 years of marriage.

"We grew up doing this," Lisa Lutz said. "There are a few rodeo families in Goliad, and it's what our family has always done."

When the children were younger, Lisa said, the family used to pile in the truck and travel throughout South Texas to compete in rodeos throughout the state.

In recent years, the family has focused on participating in Goliad's rodeo. And even when not competing, the family always has rodeo on the mind.

"We've been doing it so long ... this rodeo is like a big family," Tee Lutz said. "It's once a year, but we're in rodeo mode year-round trying to get sponsors and organize this event."

Stormie Lutz, who also helps her family with the rodeo throughout the year, said her family's rodeo tradition is one she plans to continue in the future.

"I'll do this with my own kids one day. I'll never give this up," she said.

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