City bowling champion crowned

By Abel Garcia
March 18, 2013 at 10:04 p.m.
Updated March 17, 2013 at 10:18 p.m.

After a two-week wait, David Matthews can breathe a little easier knowing that he is the new Victoria USBC Open City Champion.

Matthews posted his winning all-events total the first weekend of the tournament and has been closely monitoring his competition since. The outcome was finally decided during Sunday's last tournament squad.

His winning scores were 728 in team, 653 in singles and 652 in doubles for an excellent 2,033 total.

Defending City Champion Brian Hyden bowled nine games Sunday and posted sets of 705 and 658 but a 584 series stopped his bid to repeat.

This was vindication for Matthews, who resumed bowling in 2009 after a 10-year absence from the sport prompted by a wrist injury.

The City Champion title is based on scratch scores for the nine games in all events.

The duo of Willet Parker (658) and Richard Thompson (692) took over the lead in Division I Doubles on Saturday with a score of 1,350, and the score held on to win.

Charles Aiken and Steve Dickinson moved into the second-place spot with a score of 1,332.

Previous leaders Tom Crowe and Michael Stacy dropped to third and the last money spot in the event with their score of 1,328.

In Division II, Jacob Silgero and Abel Garcia's score of 1,368 was enough to win the event.

Joe Campos and Javier Hernandez made a run at the lead during the last squad with a score of 1,321 for second place.

In the Division I Singles event, Danny Reissig won the title with a score of 768 that was bowled on the first weekend. Larry Mikulec made a nice run at the title with a 731 scratch and 736 handicap score to claim third place. T.J. Mooney finished in second place with a score of 738.

Joe Campos vaulted into first place in Division II Singles with a very nice handicap score of 744. First week leader Silgero dropped to second place, and Harold McLemore moved into third with a final squad score of 706.

In the Division I team event, the Crossroads Rollers led the tournament from the opening day with a score of 3,345 and were declared the winners. Team members and scores were Samantha Wharton (641), Joseph Blount (637), Matthews (728), Crowe (669) and Stacy (660).

No Clue moved into second place during Saturday's afternoon squad with a score of 3,336. Team members were Scott Snow, Matthews, Michael Conchola, Mooney and Stacy. Where Is Randy dropped to third place with its score of 3,247.

There was only one spot in the prize list for the Division II team event and first-week leader Alley Gators (3,134) was able to withstand a last-day attempt at the title. Winning team members and their scores were Kathy Kern (605), Deborah Bues (688), Amanda Kern (601), Darryl Kern (596) and Waylon Kern (644).

Thunder Strikers bowled a score of 3,127 on Saturday to make a run at the title.

Crowe's Division I handicap all-events total of 2,084 posted during the first weekend withstood all challengers, and he won the title. Blount finished in second place with a score of 2,044, and Matthews earned third place.

Parker, with a score of 1,987, and Mooney, with 1,982, were able to move into fourth and fifth place money during Sunday's competition.

Silgero won the Division II All Event title with a nine-game total of 2,215 posted during the tournaments' second weekend.

Howard Tesch, competing on the last weekend, posted an all-events score of 2,068 to move into second place. Rae Cano (2,055) dropped to third place in the event.

The prize list is based on the number of entries in each event. The tournament prize winners and good scratch scores are list are listed below.

Final Round Results of VUSBC City Open

Team Event Div 1: 1st Crossroads Rollers 3,345, 2nd No Clue 3,336, 3rd Where Is Randy 3,247, Div 2: Alley Gators 3,134.

Doubles Div 1: 1st Willet Parker-Richard Thompson 1,350, 2nd Charles Aiken-Steve Dickinson 1,332, 3rd Tom Crowe-Michael Stacy 1,328. Div 2: 1st Jacob Silgero-Abel Garcia 1,368, 2nd Joe Campos-Javier Hernandez 1,321

Singles Div 1: 1st Danny Reissig 768, 2nd T.J. Mooney 738, 3rd Larry Mikulec 736, 4th Robert Fisseler 716, 5th Tom Crowe 714, 6th Stephen Schmitt 699, 7th Mark Pahmiyer 695, Div 2: 1st Joe Campos 744, 2nd Jacob Silgero 713, 3rd Harold McLemore 706,

All Events Div 1: 1st Tom Crowe 2,084, 2nd Joseph Blount 2,044, 3rd David Matthews 2,033, 4th Willlet Parker 1,987, 5th T.J. Mooney 1,982, 6th (tie) Robert Fisseler 1,981 Stephen Schmitt 1,981, Div 2: 1st Jacob Silgero 2,215, 2nd Howard Tesch 2,068, 3rd Rae Cano 2,055.

Scratch scores for Saturday and Sunday: Larry Mikulec 259-731/256-652; Michael Stacy 255-721/621/617; Brian Hyden 257-705/245-651; Mark Pahmiyer 240-685; Joseph Matson 676/235-650/602; T.J. Mooney 234-669/636/632; Michael Conchola 258-664/247-648/605; Darryl Mergele 235-657;Joseph Blount 245-657; Steve Zeplin 234-654/606; Justin Tweedle 237-654/614; Javier Hernandez 235-650/618; Charles Aiken 258-647; Scott Snow 247-647; Steve Dickinson 238-637/637; David Matthews 233-639/256-636; Lynda Mikulec 226-634; William Jackson 624/604; Michael Osterson 235-622; Richard Thompson 622; Travis Arnold 239-621; Danny Reissig 234-620; Richard Kalmus 225-616; Tony Bennett 244-612; Bill Hilbig 232-609; Joe Wittenburg 226-608; Joanna Sanders 221-608; Mike Wortham 606.



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