Ask Chuck: Easter equals looking youthful and thinner

By Charles Colson
March 21, 2013 at midnight
Updated March 20, 2013 at 10:21 p.m.

I heard you might have some Easter tricks to make me look younger and thinner just through different hairstyles. Do you really think this is possible?

Most definitely. It is amazing. With just a slight change in a new hair cut or color, Easter can become more vibrant to you. Slim your face with added body and texture techniques. For example, if you want to look even 10 pounds lighter, give your hair more volume. According to many of the latest hairstyle magazines, it shows when hair lies flat against your skin, you appear fuller, believe it or not.

Just spiff your style up with more volume, and you will quickly see how it balances the shape of your face and gives more definition to the eyes. Any hair can become more alive with misting it with volumizing sprays. This will easily be noted on the container of several name brand products.

During and after blow drying, try brushing your hair forward and sideways. Let it flip out naturally in many places and use less hair spray for a fluffy look.

With this method, you will even see your color become more vibrant. Take the chance and steer away from letting your hair look too set and stiff. Also feel at ease if you need more teasing. It is coming back more heavily each year. Mark my word.

I have this problem with several dark shadows in my face. Is there a remedy to counteract that?

Excellent question. Yes, there certainly is a good solution with even using lighter hair colors. This will accomplish glowing skin tones. Oftentimes hair that is dyed too dark absorbs the light cast around your face. Therefore, the right light shade for your hair will easily minimize dark shadows, giving you a more defined, youthful look.

For additional soft, shiny hair color, use avocado and sunflower oils to protect it. Also, if you are one of those lucky people who get by with dark hair, keep it up. How about this for helpful hints for the Easter season.

I don't know exactly how to put it, but my face looks somewhat dragged down. Can this really happen, and is there a solution to give my face an uplift with a hair style?

Oh yes, simply by using face framing layers. Too many times many people get caught up in wearing all one length hair. I realize your husband or lover wants you to keep your hair long. Let him have his way with the back length and you can have your way with the front of the style. Try it, and I bet you will both be happy.

For an instant uplift, have your stylist cut wisps along the sides of your face and even a few wispy bangs for something new and different. To make this happen naturally, find a lightweight volumizing mousse and apply just to the front of the hair.

This will keep everything looking light and airy. Remember also that many times just using your fingertips will be the greatest asset to accomplish the most natural looks. Remember, simplicity equals beauty.

Charles, I love your columns, but there is one thing you never mention. For instance, I used to wear the most attractive Easter hats but now it is quite difficult. I lost my hair due to medical disorders, and it is extremely thin, and you can see my scalp. Could a good wig help me get my beauty and confidence back?

I have wondered how long it would take to receive this question. If anyone has the deepest compassion for you, it would be me. I have been mostly bald since I was 35 years old. Realizing the importance of hair in my profession, without a doubt, I know for sure that hair for men or women is our crowning glory. I'm glad you mentioned the fact you could wear hats so well. Would you believe it is a proven fact that if a woman can wear a hat successfully and a man wear a cap that looks terrific, they can easily wear wigs that look automatically natural whether made with human hair or synthetic fiber?

Wigs have become so popular now because the prices are low enough for most anyone to afford. I recall in the 60s, we sold women's wigs starting at $800. However, the best choice for men or women is to search for that perfect human hair wig because it reacts just like our natural hair. Very few people guess that I wear a hairpiece since it blends so well with my hair. After stating this, I realize they won't have to wonder any more.

Yes, please find a good wig salon in our area, and this is your chance to try several colors and lengths before you make that final decision. Soon after that, you, too, can keep the public guessing if your hair might have actually grown back. This will definitely complete your Easter holiday, which I hope all of us will be blessed with this season.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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