Do You Know Nutrition: Can you name the 12 cell salts?

By Phylis Canion
March 26, 2013 at midnight
Updated March 25, 2013 at 10:26 p.m.

I was recently told about the benefit of cell salts. Can you please explain what cell salts are and how they can benefit the body?

Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes for chemistry, predicted the greatest advances in the 21st century would be in medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology.

This advanced concept is, surprisingly, remarkably similar to the theory of a school of medicine that originated in Germany more than two centuries ago, known as homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Wilhelm H. Schuessler determined the active ingredients in the vast array of remedies were their mineral constituents which came to be known as cell salts.

Cell salts have an extremely positive effect on one's health by producing results, not by eliminating the symptom but by correcting the imbalances that have caused the symptoms in the first place.

There are 12 cell salts, all listed below, with their benefits.

• Cell salt No. 1, calcium fluoride, is a constituent of the surfaces of bones and the enamel of teeth and is beneficial to bones and teeth.

• Cell salt No. 2, calcium phosphate, is phosphate of lime and plays a major role in the health of the muscular, skeletal, excretory and lymphatic system.• Cell salt No. 3, calcium sulphate, is from eggshells and is useful in protecting the stomach against acidic fluids.

• Cell salt No. 4, ferrum phosphate, is a powerful oxygenator, carrying oxygen throughout the blood stream and strengthening the walls of the blood vessels.

• Cell salt No. 5, magnesium phosphate, is one of the most remarkable cell salts, especially when paired with calcium and potassium phosphates that are excellent for damaged nerves and pain relief.

• Cell salt No. 6, potassium chloride, is responsible for building fibrin, the protein fiber that is an essential part of the formation of blood clots.

• Cell salt No. 7, potassium phosphate, is beneficial to those suffering from psychological problems including depression, anxiety and irritability and can be beneficial in developing healthy sleep patterns.

• Cell salt No. 8, potassium sulphate, helps rebuild damaged or killed cells due to disease.

• Cell salt No. 9, silica, is one of Earth's most abundant components. Silica is a powerful cleanser and helps eliminate toxins.

• Cell salt No. 10, sodium chloride, is best known as the pre-eminent remedy for headaches.

• Cell salt No. 11, sodium phosphate, is an antacid and can be helpful with gout and indigestion.

• Cell salt No. 12, sodium sulphate, helps with carrying away of fluids from the cells. Cell salts provide the basic structure and means for life on Earth.

Thought for the week: We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our dreams.

Phylis B. Canion is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and is a certified nutritional consultant, email her at This column is for nutritional information only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.



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