Oceans For Emotions: Don't let fishing keep you from Easter service

By Elaine Wheat
March 29, 2013 at midnight
Updated March 28, 2013 at 10:29 p.m.

"He shall return to the days of his youth."- Job 33:25

On this Saturday morning before Easter, let us all pause and try to imagine how the first followers of Jesus felt after they had watched him die upon the cross and was buried in a borrowed tomb.

They had believed he was the Messiah, and they had seen him die just like the other two people who were crucified on each side of him that day. I am sure their faith and their doubts were conflicted.

Even Peter, the leader of the disciples and the one Jesus had said would build his church upon his faith, was hiding in fear. Peter knew in his heart that he had already denied even knowing Jesus three times, and all Peter wanted to do was tell his Lord he was sorry, and he knew his Lord would forgive him.

Christians today should be thankful for those first followers who suffered through their doubts that cloud men's minds when faith is not about.

I remember a Saturday before Easter a long time ago when my dad came in and told my mom that he wanted to take me and go fishing at Bayside.

My mother said, "Please go and get out of my way. But have Elaine back early, so I can wash and set her hair so she will look her best by the Easter sunrise service, Sunday school, church and the Easter lunch box dinner on the ground."

Being a child, I could at least look forward to one of the days at Easter - the fishing day.

Now, does anybody wonder why I write a religious fishing article?

Now, I have to go fishing so I can go to church tomorrow on Easter.

Dear Lord, Thank you for loving us from our youth up. May all of us today Christians that live on this side of the cross continue to glorify you at this Easter time. And, Lord, help me to come home early from fishing since I have to do my own hair and find my Easter dress.



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