'Blade Runner' star to visit Victoria for film fest

Keldy  Ortiz

March 30, 2013 at 10:03 p.m.
Updated March 30, 2013 at 10:31 p.m.

Actor Rutger Hauer

Actor Rutger Hauer

A star known for his role in one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction films will visit Victoria next week.

Actor Rutger Hauer, 69, will attend the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival to support his latest film, "Il Futuro," which will be shown Friday night.

The subtitled, R-rated film features Hauer playing the character of a blind hermit and former "Mr. Universe."

Speaking by phone Saturday from California, Hauer said he looks forward to coming to the Crossroads.

"I want to see what Victoria is all about," Hauer said. "I've only been to Texas for a few days."

Hauer has been featured in a variety of films such as "Batman Begins" and TV shows like "True Blood" - and he prefers it that way.

"By the time I got to make action movies in English ... I felt I needed to do a variety of things," Hauer said. "I cannot gamble on one horse. If you do little films, they only get little attention, so you cannot only do that."

A Dutch native, Hauer successfully made the move to American movies. His biggest break was "Blade Runner," a 1982 film offering a dystopian view of America's future that's listed on many critics' best lists. Alongside actor Harrison Ford in the film, Hauer played Roy Batty, leader of the Nexus-6 replicants.

"'Blade Runner' is the diamond in my work, and it always will be," said Hauer, who last saw the film five years ago in Venice during a 25th anniversary celebration of the film.

Hauer said he's proud of his entire body of work, which spans 140 titles. His European background encouraged him to do a variety of work, he said - "I did crazy, I did weird, I did interesting, but I did good."

He said he appreciates "the fact that the audience carries some of the films that I did. It's like in their hearts. That's the biggest reward for me."

Hauer joked that he had "no idea" about future work.

"I'll find something," he said. "I'd like to do a little bit more directing."



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