A rainbow of colors represent spring fishing

March 31, 2013 at 9:01 p.m.
Updated March 30, 2013 at 10:31 p.m.

Warmer spring tides have made for a better trout bite on soft plastics.

Warmer spring tides have made for a better trout bite on soft plastics.

Unlike Christmas, Easter occurs annually on a different date. Some years, like today, it falls in March; however, more often than not, we symbolically roll away the stone in April.

How is Easter determined annually?

The calendar recognizes it as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Spring, regardless of the temperature, begins March 20. If you looked outside after dark this week, you saw the bright fireball of a moon illuminating the night. Hence, the first Sunday after is today.

Green is the color of spring. It represents new life, rejuvenation from a dreary winter and a new vitality in attitudes.

I received an email from a former pastor who spoke about the characteristics of the dogwood tree, a recognized symbol that spring has sprung. He noted the flower of the dogwood forms the shape of the cross while its petals are marked with a nail scar, and its center bears a crown of thorns.

The amazing thing about a dogwood: Regardless if Easter falls in March or April, the tree knows when to bloom. Look for one this weekend and check it out.

If green is the color of spring, what is the color of spring fishing?

Popular colors differ from bay system to bay system. Here are the most popular colors in Texas from 15 years of writing the Weekly Coastal Fishing Report for TPWD:

Sabine Lake - The color of Sabine's water closely resembles tea. Black, motor oil and avocado are the popular colors. A glow soft plastic tipped with shrimp is a mainstay for flounder enthusiasts.

Galveston Bay - A green tint in the bay is considered "trout" water. Glow/chartreuse, red shad, morning glory and Chicken on a Chain are mainstays.

Matagorda - East Matagorda's water has a green tint when clean, and red shad, Morning Glory and Chicken on a Chain are favorites. West Bay's grass beds filter sediments and salt and pepper, Opening Night and glow are really popular when working glass minnows.

Port O'Connor - Waters turn a different color of clear here, especially when cobalt tides creep through Pass Cavallo and the jetty. Glow, salt and pepper, Chicken on a Chain, Opening Night and plum are favorites.

Rockport - Beautiful, clear miles of sand and grass flats are a boon for waders. Plum, black, glow and salt and pepper work. Pink, especially while plugging, has become popular.

Corpus Christi/Baffin Bay - Winds and algae outbreaks determine water color. All the traditional clear water colors like glow, salt and pepper and plum work, but when the water becomes stained, black, roach and red shad are go-tos. Pink is fashionable as well.

Lower Laguna Madre (Port Mansfield to South Padre) - The water clarity closely resembles that of Florida, and the latitude here is actually the same as Palm Beach. Glow, Opening Night, motor oil, salt and pepper, red shad, black and pink are popular.

Regardless of the coordinates you frequent, it's your choice to throw what you think catches fish.

Confidence is everything.

Bink Grimes is a freelance writer, photographer, author and licensed captain (binkgrimes@sbcglobal.net)



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