'Iron Man,' 'Wolverine,' others are ready to make summer super

By Luis Rendon/Lrendon@vicad.com
May 1, 2013 at 12:01 a.m.

Forget the rising temperatures, crowded beaches and all that celestial science. You know summer is officially here because of one thing and one thing only - your favorite superheroes are on the big screen.

Like rippling beach bodies, crystal clear beaches and outdoor concerts, our heroes were made to be seen in the summer.

The season is a time for escape, and these movies provide the getaway, says Melissa Crooks, a nurse at DeTar Hospital who also happens to fancy herself a good superhero movie,

"On some level, everyone wants to be a superhero," she said via Facebook. "Superhero movies teach us that in a world full of evil and violence, goodwill always prevail."

Lisa DeVries, adviser of the Victoria College Film club, agrees.

"We need hero stories, especially when our own lives are in the doldrums," she said in an email. "I think there is a conception, too, that anyone can be a hero if they want to be, and this is a very seductive idea."

While no stranger to the big screen, this year there are caped crusaders from all corners of the comic universe making their mark to satisfy every fanboy and fangirl's appetite.

First up is "Iron Man 3," the Marvel universe's favorite playboy. Then, DC is hoping to jumpstart its other favorite hero, Superman in "Man of Steel" in June.

July will bring back Hugh Jackman in his sixth appearance as Wolverine in the aptly titled "The Wolverine." And finally, Kick-Ass and Hit Girl are back to fight a villain whose name is not suitable for a family publication such as this one in "Kick-Ass 2."

Justin Cavazos, 23, enjoys the spread of heroes to choose from.

"I think Hollywood is starting to realize the diversity in these movies," he said.

A family man, Cavazos is especially appreciative of the positive life lessons and role models that are created within the movies.

As a child, Cavazos saw Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" with his father. Now, he watches superhero movies with his two kids, even though it means sometimes skipping the midnight premieres.

"I consider myself a fan that would go to all the midnight shows, but life gets in the way sometimes," he said with a laugh.

Life won't be getting in the way of him checking out the new Superman movie, though. Cavazos says he already has plans to take work off to go check it out on IMAX in Austin.

"As long as they stay true to the comic books, I'll be good."



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