Candidate wants to make tough choices for Victoria

May 1, 2013 at 12:01 a.m.

Vic Caldwell

Vic Caldwell

We are entering a critical time in our community. Tough decisions need to be made about property taxes, repairing our ailing infrastructure, community debt, what best to do to ensure continued growth and how to improve the quality of life for all Victorians. Not an easy task and certainly not one to be taken lightly. We are approaching the time when the citizens of Victoria must make some choices as to how we move forward as a community by electing who will represent them on the City Council. Not an easy task and one, I hope, not taken lightly. This election should not be about who has the most signs or billboards. It should not be determined by how many ads were in the paper or mailings in your mailbox. This decision should not be made based on who collected and spent more money. It should be about the needs of our community today and tomorrow. It should be about our right to expect accountability, transparency and unbiased representation from our elected officials. It should be about choosing someone to represent you who has the experience and values that you think are important.

All any serious candidate wants is an opportunity to get his or her views and credentials out in front of the community they hope to serve. I am no different. However, a yard sign cannot tell you that I care about the traffic in your neighborhood or the shortage of police on patrol. A billboard does not communicate that I believe our officials should be held accountable for their decisions in an effort to remove the influence of special interests and to make our city government more transparent. An ad in the newspaper will not show you that I care about everyone in our community no matter their last name or the neighborhood they live in. A postcard in the mail is not enough room for me to tell you why I think economic growth is the key to lower taxes, fixing our ailing infrastructure or paying down our debt and what I would do to achieve this important goal. How can a 4x8 sign convey the experience gained from 25 years of success in business or 10 years serving on the Victoria Parks Commission, County Appraisal Board, Redistricting Committee or Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund Committee?

Now I am not an incumbent, so I cannot talk about my track record on council. I can, however, share what I have been involved in during my years serving our community. I was chairman of the Parks Commission when we recommended building the new splash pad and the amphitheater. I was there when the discussion began to expand our parks system by building the Lone Tree Hike and Bike trail. I led the discussion to add more places for our children to practice and play baseball, softball and soccer. I was on the County Appraisal board that hired our current Chief Appraiser who, under the watchful eye of the board, has added over $100 million in commercial values to our tax roles. I worked on the committee that laid out the precinct boundaries after the 2010 census showed we needed to redraw some districts because of our growth. I am an original member of the Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund committee, and am very proud of the ground work we have laid by taking politics out of the process and setting a high standard for future committees and those requesting funds. I helped bring youth football back to our area as a founding director of the Crossroads Youth Football League. While president of Victoria Girls Softball Association, I campaigned for the building of the Victoria Youth Sports Complex so the boys and girls of Victoria would have fields they could be proud to play baseball and softball on.

I am not knocking my opponents by stating the truth that neither of them have the length nor depth of service and experience that I bring to the table. I believe in our community. I want our future to be bright and promising for ourselves and our children. I am asking you to put my experience and values to work representing you, District 3, and our city by voting for Vic Caldwell. To learn more, visit

Vic Caldwell is a candidate for the Victoria City Council District 3 unexpired term. He is the owner of CELFP Property Management and shares business experience as a consultant for small businesses to help them become more successful. He can be reached at 361-489-5197.



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