Ask Chuck: Do April showers bring may flowers to our hair?

By Charles Colson
May 2, 2013 at 12:02 a.m.

I guess where we live here in the south, April showers seem to play havoc with tackling humidity problems. When flowers begin to bloom in May, is there hope for our hair changing to the better?

Again, thanks to many of our women's magazines, this subject is being discussed throughout several regions of our country. Wouldn't it be great to have a good hair day every day? I'm sure that is the impossible dream for everyone. Hang in there. I found a few quick ways to try and weatherproof your hairstyle, rain or shine.

First, try an attractive hat to help shield your hairstyle from rain, wind and humidity. However, friction from the hat's fabric can cause a small problem with static electricity with flyaway styles.

To control this, simply lightly spray your brush with hair spray and not directly on the hair for a quick fix after removing the hat. They do sell such sprays called ionic leave-in sprays to conquer some of these problems also.

How about the frizzes? Sound familiar, especially with natural wavy hair? As I have stated in previous columns, you can use your conditioner as a sunscreen by lightly working it through the hair before finishing touches are applied. And I do mean a very small amount of hair conditioner.

Jennifer Aniston has solved many of her frizzy problems by washing and blow drying her hair late at night and then wrapping it with a silk scarf before going to bed. She found that this controlled the frizz best because it kept moisture away from the hair shaft without immediately dealing with the outside elements of the weather.

The following morning, Jennifer uses a drop of silicone-based, anti-frizz cream to add to the finishing touch. This product can be purchased over the counter or at some salons. As a professional, Jennifer's methods sound like a great idea. You see, we can all learn something every day if we keep our minds open to new ideas.

Charles, I have plenty of body to my hair, but I heard from somewhere that if I ever add hair color it would destroy some of the body's effect. Does this make sense?

Absolutely not. I wonder who led you to think this was possible. If anything, the hair color would blend with the body in your hair and simply add luster and sheen to your hairstyle.

However, the only way it could destroy the effect is if you chose a coloring method that left the hair extremely over-processed. It is of course wise to find an expert in professional hair coloring. Then the professional can give you ways to economically maintain the best color blend for your hair.

Hair coloring is quite effective where we live with such a large amount of humidity we experience. Hair coloring is also a perfect solution to the frizzes problems. So strive to search for that natural look and stay yourself.

Now that we are speaking of hair with lots of body, I have been using the same mousse for a number of years and always find my hair seems too heavy and oily looking. Can you solve this problem for me so my hair can start feeling more light and airy?

Yes, and you wouldn't believe how simple it is to resolve this. You are probably thinking that the more mousse the better, right? Well since your hair has plenty of body, try first blow drying it without anything other than damp, towel-blotted hair. Use the low blowing button mostly and brushing it during the blow drying process.

Now, watch your hair come alive and bounce with that airy touch. If you feel you need some extra setting lotion other than the water, keep in mind to only use a very small amount of the mousse and work it through the hair, especially from the scalp out. And again may I underline the word small. Remember you don't need extra body, only control.

With this method you will find that your hair color is brighter and begins to take on that perfect natural look. Like I always say, keep it simple, right?

One of my clients used to tell me, after I thought I was finished, that I really was through half way. She always wondered why I thought I needed to work so hard at it. Wow, did this wake me up. Sound sensible? So, go for the gusto, and I bet your style will deserve those May flowers.

Charles Colson is an area hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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