Animals need our protection, not trip to pound

May 5, 2013 at 12:05 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

With all the hostility toward the cat situation, it's really comforting to read about people who really care and do something positive toward animal care. To all those involved in the rescue of the two puppies, thank you!

I am an animal lover, and it really hurts my heart to see or read about any form of abuse. I, too, have my good share of cats and dogs. It is all about mercy and compassion.

How can one make the claim that they "love animals" but at the same time be responsible for their death? And, how can they take away someone's beloved pet? Have they redefined the terms? To put something material over the life of an unsuspecting animal just does not make sense! So, please do not make the claim, "I love animals!"

One day, we may be at the mercy of others due to a change in our circumstances. Will we want to be shown mercy? Think about it good and hard. These creatures were assigned to us to care for by our Creator. Trapping them and sending them to their death (if not reclaimed) is going against that assignment, no matter the reason!

Esmeralde Hein, Van Vleck



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