BOWLING: Three-time city champ Flores honored

May 8, 2013 at 12:08 a.m.

Senior bowler David S. Flores enjoys the game of bowling.

Even after being out of the game for periods of time after having both knees replaced, he is still competitive, as witnessed by his scores this week.

Flores hammered the pins during Sugar & Spice competition to earn the weekly honors with a tremendous 740 series.

He had only one open frame with a split in the third game to record games of 268, 211 and 261 for his total.

Flores also recorded a 270-high game Monday night in another league.

The three-time former VUSBC City Champion is scheduled to compete in the USBC Open in Reno the first week in June. It would be great to see him excel - especially since he is on my team.

Rick Bassano also broke the 700 mark with a great effort during Monday Mixed League play. He posted games of 239, 225 and 257 for an excellent 721 set.

Other scores of note for the men were Gary Hatter Jr. (258-687), Abel Garcia (253-685/264), T.J. Mooney (681/258), Don Marques (667), Todd Pfuhl (258-658), Chris Kurtz (658), Jerry Cano (257-648), Jeff Cass (268), Scott Snow (255), Austin O'Brien (252) and Joe Wittenburg (248).

Congratulations to senior bowler Joe Talbott. After being out of bowling for several years, he joined a league this year and bowled a very nice 636 series last Sunday.

The women scores were limited this week with Sharon Guinn rolling a 211 high game and 587 set in the Sugar & Spice League for the top score.

Vera Cruz bowlers of the week were David Flores, 791, and Stephanie Fuller, 690, both from the Sugar & Spice league.

Summer league schedules are available at the front desk at the Century Lanes. A summer league for youths is also planned.

The Woodlawn Lanes will have a meeting for the start of the Wednesday Duo on May 29 at 7 p.m. at the Woodlawn Bowling Center. The league is tentatively scheduled to start June 5.

For more information on the league, call Robert Pfeil at 361-582-0921.

WOODLAWN DUO 1ST HARD SPARE Men: S. Gritta 600; SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Women: J. Walker 516; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 258-687; J. Talbott 636; J. Cass 268-627; E. Smith 234-605; A. O'Brien 252-599; J. Walker 580; J. Silgero 233-570; J. Figueroa 223-555; C. Bigham 243-554; TURKEY TROTTERS League Champions SPARE ME, with team members Peggy Mayer, Karon Copelane, Carol Alexander, and Carolyn Kahlich. Women: J. Sims 545; OVER THE HILL League Champions, JUST FRIENDS with team members Barbara Schmidt, Irene Mozisek, Tom Tunchez, and John Schmidt. Women: B. Schmidt 488; Men: A. Garcia 264-624; S. Gritta 219-556; B. Alex 555; M. Mathieu 552; R. Nickel 527; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: A. Garcia 253-685; D. Marques 235-667; T. Pfuhl 258-658; R. Vivero 235-648; T. Bennett 225-643; M. Stacy 227-641; S. Zeplin 234-638; J. Tweedle 225-630; J. Matson 628; V. Thomas 247-626; C. Hoff 225-602; D. Flores 270-594; L. Stroud 594; J. Bryant 244-594; D. Blohm 585; D. Matthews 582; T. Crowe 576; M. Osterson 571; J. Molina 569; A. Flores 550; D. Snell 550; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: R. Martinez 546; C. speer 527; Men: R. Bassano 257-721; D. Dye 227-646; S. Dick 616; H. Bellanger Jr. 606; B. Mooney 585; J. Silgero 584; B. Redding 572; T. Tanner 566; C. Flores 561; BJ Rubio 558; K. Mayer 554; W. Reyna 551; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST STROUD'S Women: S. Guinn 211-587; C. Lee 551; D. Drake 548; T. Wortham 537; J. Sanders 526; Men: D. Flores 268-740; T.J. Mooney 241-681; C. Kurtz 258-658; J. Cano 257-648; M. Wortham 234-644; M. Osterson 229-631; J. Wittenburg 248-619; R. Vivero 617; M. Hernandez 226-610; S. Zeplin 225-608; L. Stroud 235-605; J. Tweedle 604; R. Gonzales 597; J. Silgero 225-596; W. Reyna 235-591; R. Estrada 245-581; B. Hyden 226-575; J. Oswalt 574; M. Rodriguez 574; J. Martinez 570; B. Hilbig 238-566; M. svatek 561; K. Stacy 561; M. Almendarez 558; H. Johnson 558; T. Bennett 556; C. Aiken 555; R. Geddings 550; DOX MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: E. Fuhrman 553; Men: P. Bowland 237-613; J. Bryant 609; K. Rosales 574; CAPTAIN'S GIRLFRIENDS Women: B. Mitscherling 508; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: L. Popp 205-532; D. Gabrysch 514; Men: W. Reyna 245-635; S. Snow 255-625;; T.J. Mooney 258-617; K. Blake 231-616; D. Matthews 614; R. Morris 600; J. Longoria 234-593; D. Loya 580; B. Kitchens 247-576; M. conchola 572; C. Bigham 234-569; L. Popp 564; B. Rodriguez 555; G. Hoskins 550; R. Silgero 233.



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