Netflix fix: Relationships come down to the wire in charming 'TiMER'

Luis Rendon

May 8, 2013 at 12:08 a.m.

Oona tempts fate by dating Mikey in "TiMER."

Oona tempts fate by dating Mikey in "TiMER."

When considering whether or not I should move to Victoria I had two thoughts: Will I like my job better than the one I have now, and what's going to happen to my boyfriend?

With my contract signed, the beau and I officially had an expiration date. We trudged along, stubborn that we would "deal with it" when the time came.

On expiration day, tears were shed, hearts were broken and just like that, our time together was over.

Timing is so important when it comes to love. In "TiMER," rated R, it's everything.

If a wrist implant could tell you the exact day you were going to meet "The One," would you want to know?

That's the fuel for this romantic comedy set in a future/alternate universe where finding love via a winding down calendar on your wrist is the new normal.

The catch? Both you and your true love have to have the implant in place. Enter Oona, a woman with a rare blank TiMER who only dates men sans the device before gently pushing them to get one, in hopes of "not wasting any time."

When she meets Mikey, a younger musician who has four months left on his TiMER; however, Oona decides to throw caution to the wind and test fate.

The movie is wrapped in a comfortable rom-com blanket but asks interesting questions about love and the experiences we have on our quest to find it.

Steph, Oona's BFF and stepsister, has a TiMER that says she won't find "The One" until she's 43, which creates an awful situation for Steph that really puts into perspective the entire idea of learning when you are going to meet "The One."

With nothing to do but wait, Steph sleeps around, knowing any attempts at a real relationship are futile.

The movie subscribes to the idea that there is only one person out there for each of us, which is pretty romantic but also quite problematic. The supporting cast all have diverse situations that highlight these problems.

Oona's parents divorced after getting TiMERs and realizing they weren't right for each other - essentially making Oona and Steph "mistakes." A widower is reluctant to get a TiMER because he insists his wife was his one. Everywhere you look, the beautiful and enchanting idea of knowing when you are going to meet "The One" becomes more and more complex, making the moviewatching experience that much more enjoyable.

Charming and deep, "TiMER" will have you rooting against the prescribed love that's spelled out on Oona's wrist and for something else completely - romance.



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