What issues are important to you this election?

May 8, 2013 at 12:08 a.m.

On the last day of early voting, voters at the new Victoria County Elections Office talked about what matters to them.

Q: What issues are important to you this election?

A: Progressive thinking, clean water and clean air. I'm a big proponent of recycling and the arts. They need to think of the long term, after the Shale boom is over.

Kelly Humpert, 46, owner of Split-enZ Salon

A: Lower taxes. It seems they've been going up because appraisals are going up. Maybe we need a change in Victoria, some new perspective.

Allena Voelkel, 70, part time H-E-B employee

A: I care about our city and our city's infrastructure and that we keep building and growing. I believe in the Benjamin Franklin way of thinking: You've got to spend money to make money.

Mary Virginia Jacobs, 68

A: Saving tax dollars and street repair and bringing exciting changes to Victoria. I would like to see more hotels where you can have family reunions and restaurants with a family atmosphere, like Cheddar's.

Elinor Gaskin, 60-ish, part-time Cornerstone Properties employee

A. I would like to see more coordination in the way the city does their finances. Like spending $170,000 to study the traffic light system? Why do you have to do a study when you know it's terrible? I'd like to see a change every now and then.

Cal Jones, 64, retired from Dow

A: Things that benefit Victoria like tourism, streets and drainage.

Dolores Nesloney, 74, retired



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