'One Professor' movement honors 2 Victoria College faculty

May 11, 2013 at 12:11 a.m.

Sharon Hyak is a biology instructor.

Sharon Hyak is a biology instructor.

Victoria College faculty members Anita Brunsting and Sharon Hyak were recently honored as part of Pearson's "One Professor" movement by their students.

Through student-submitted stories, "One Professor" pays tribute to faculty who have made a lasting impression inside and outside the classroom on the students they serve.

Brunsting serves as process technology curriculum coordinator and instructor in the Division of Career, Health and Technical Professions. Hyak is a biology instructor.

Ask students if one professor shaped their lives, and the answer is almost always the same - a smile, a nod and an inspiring story. These stories are courageous, powerful and at times humorous, but one fact remains the same - one professor helped them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

"Dr. Brunsting empowered me to realize that I can achieve anything I want, and I can reach my dreams," said VC student Toni Marek in her video testimonial to Brunsting. "Thank you so much for empowering me to be a strong, confident woman."

Hyak "has been such a great influence on my education and has helped my passion for biology to grow," said VC student Kendra Hanslik, who plans to major in biology. "I want to thank her so much for making such a great impression on me and for helping my love for biology and life to . blossom."

Pearson is dedicated to honoring educators who helped shape students' lives and change how they view the world.

"At Pearson, we believe learning is personal and that the best learning happens when educators help students achieve more than they ever thought possible," said Allison Jones, director of student relations at Pearson. "In this fast-paced age dominated by texting, Facebook and tweets, 'One Professor' provides the opportunity for students to take a deep breath, reflect on how far they've come and say 'thank you.'"

Video testimonials to Victoria College faculty can be seen on YouTube.com by typing in "one professor pearson Victoria College."



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