'Buck Wild' wins Best of the Fest award at Hill Country Film Festival

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

May 14, 2013 at 12:14 a.m.

Zombies lurch menacingly through the fog during the filming of "Buck Wild" in Goliad. Most of the zombies were extras who came from across Texas to be a part of the movie for the fun and for the experience.

Zombies lurch menacingly through the fog during the filming of "Buck Wild" in Goliad. Most of the zombies were extras who came from across Texas to be a part of the movie for the fun and for the experience.

In the world of independent films, it may come as no surprise that a zombie comedy has come out on top.

Tyler Glodt and Matt Albrecht brought their film, "Buck Wild," to the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg, where it won the Cinema Dulce - Best of the Fest Award.

With the help of friends and family in the Crossroads, the pair produced the film, which was mostly shot in Goliad, in 2011 and took a year to edit it before producing the final movie.

Glodt served as director of the film, which the two men co-wrote.

They premiered "Buck Wild" in April at the Dallas International Film Festival and hit the festival circuit at full speed, traveling to Australia and winning Director's Choice Award at Sydney's A Night of Horror International Film Festival. The film is also entered in other festivals across the U.S.

"We're real excited. It's been a long journey, and it feels good to be recognized and awarded," said Glodt, 33.

And for Albrecht, 30, winning the award in Fredericksburg - the place where he grew up and attended high school - was the cherry on top.

"It was a real blessing for me to bring something that I've worked so hard on back to my hometown and be honored and recognized," he said. "It was really overwhelming."

The film festival hosted 56 films from 11 countries in animation, documentaries and short and feature films.

Glodt believes the film's clever writing won over the hearts of the film festival judges and may have struck a balance between the more serious movies and violent horror movies and other genres hitting the silver screen.

"There's some slapstick humor in there and a lot of subtle humor - that if you're not paying attention, you miss - but I think they responded to that," he said. "I think that's what they were looking for - a film that could round out their slate and be a fun film that people could see. ... I think it resonated with a lot of people."

It may have helped that the film was shot in Texas and that it was a Texas film festival, Albrecht said, but he believes the story line was what pushed the film to the top of the pile.

"It's an action comedy, but it's a little quirky, a little weird. It had a kinda different voice," he said. "The story is well-executed and fully fleshed out; it was a very fun movie."

Actress Meg Cionni, who played the role of a disgruntled farmer's daughter and town tramp in "Buck Wild" was named Best Actress for her lead role in another film that featured at the festival, "Waking."

Though her role was small in the zombie film, Glodt said her lead role in "Waking" showed her breadth as a worthy actress.

"Good actors and actresses are those who are in the moment and know their lines and are confident," he said. "She listens and is able to pick up on clues in a moment and can give a performance that's true and accurate to the other actor and the moment."

The two agreed that they could not have earned the award as the best movie of the festival if it wasn't for all the help they got while shooting the film. Albrecht said he hopes to shoot more films in the area in the near future and definitely wants to stay in Texas.

For now, Glodt and Albrecht plan to take the film to a few more festivals before the year ends but are staying busy with other projects to help expand their reach as filmmakers. They're busy reading scripts, calculating budgets, casting actors and choosing which festivals to show "Buck Wild."

"We've learned a lot from our first two films and continue to get better," he said. "Hopefully, we'll be back at it and making other movies - sooner rather than later. "



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